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Things to Know About Your Property Before You Plan To Move to Mumbai

Mumbai – the city of dreams is one of the most populated metropolitans with more than 20 million people calling it their home. Thousands of people migrate to Mumbai every day in search of better employment opportunities and quality of life. Naturally, the real estate in the city is in-demand and has been experiencing a boom since the turn of the decade. Today, if you want to buy property in Mumbai, there are many factors that you need to know before you decide to move to Mumbai. Having lived in the city for the past 30 years and being a real estate enthusiast, I thought about blogging my thoughts about some of the essentials to know about properties in Mumbai.

Advantages of Investing in Mumbai Properties

  • The real estate trend is improving especially for Luxury properties in Mumbai.
  • It is an excellent city for people looking for employment opportunities.
  • Great connectivity with daily flights from all major countries in the world.

Developer Reputation

If you are looking for a 1BHK, 2BHK, or 3BHK apartment then you will find many projects that claim to be the current top property available in Mumbai. But one has to thoroughly research the Developer of the residential complex. A renowned construction company will have many positive testimonials of their customer who are currently living in the complexes. More and more fraudulent cases in Mumbai’s real estate scene are coming forward and hence it is better to be cautious than be duped after you buy property in Mumbai.

Strategic Location

Mumbai’s unique infrastructure further proves the importance of the location of where your property is and how good the locality is. If you’re living in the southernmost part of the city and your office is in northern Mumbai, then you might end up wasting more than 5 hours traveling to and from the office. When you buy property in Mumbai at affordable rates, you might be tempted to buy an apartment on the outskirts due to the affordable price but one should be careful before taking such a decision if the location is of importance. A house in a reputed area will also have easy access to public transport, community leisure landmarks, and services such as affordable interior designs for houses in Mumbai

Overhead Costs Incurred by Owner

One of the benefits of buying properties in Mumbai before April 2021 is the fact that you can avail government’s offer of a lowered stamp duty, registration, etc. But one also has to consider the other overhead costs that can become a huge factor when you buy a resale property. Things such as plumbing repairs and consulting an expert for when you need Vaastu tips for new properties in Mumbai will add to your overall cost of the property. Whether you wish to buy budget friendly properties in Mumbai or a luxurious penthouse in Bandra, always remember to pay attention to these factors!

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