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The Toolbox Essentials for Your Retail Business

Whether you own a bridal boutique or an electronics shop, it’s common for any store to encounter the odd repair on an almost daily basis. From tightening screws in shelves to hammering in stray nails, adjusting doors, and even fixing stiff drawers, there’s always something to be done. And as shops prepare to reopen after months of closure, we’ve got the toolbox essentials you need to ensure you’re never left with a DIY emergency.


A toolbox staple for any retail business. The claw hammer is perhaps the most versatile type to have and is perfect for most jobs. The cut-out V claw drags out errant nails and can help lever up floorboards should the need arise.

Opt for a rubber handle to help with shock absorption and if you’ll only need it on the odd occasion, you won’t need a heavy hammer. You’ll just need one with enough weight in the head to help tap in nails.


If you only ever invest in one type of tool for your shop it should be screwdrivers. You should go for an assortment of Phillips, slotted, and square-drive to ensure you have all basis covered. With a trusty screwdriver you’ll be able to re-hang warped or dropped doors, put up shelves, and even fix a dripping tap.

Be sure to get at least one extra-long shaft screwdriver in slotted and number two Phillips, because sooner or later you’ll encounter a screw that just can’t be reached with a standard shaft.

Measuring Tape

You’ll want a spring-loaded measuring tape for your toolbox, with a slide-grasp to hold the tape in place – especially if you find yourself measuring things solo. And remember the mantra “measure twice cut once” to ensure you reduce waste (and costs) and have a well-fitted piece of furniture!

Spirit Level

From putting up shelves to dressing room curtains, and of course hanging pictures and mirrors, a spirit level is a must. Helping you to ensure everything is straight, it should range from 24 to 96 inches in length.

Although, if you do find yourself without one, most smartphones do have a spirit level – although they won’t be as accurate as proper one!


We might all be used to wearing masks, but when you’re carrying out any work you should make sure you have the correct PPE. From safety goggles to heavy duty gloves before you start any job make sure you’re prepared.


Although most people forget to buy a torch when it comes to preparing their toolbox essentials, it´s one of the most important assets you can own in case of emergency. Blackouts, although less common than they used to be years ago, are still a reality we all have to deal with. They come unexpectedly, often during extreme weather conditions and when we feel the most unprepared. Although it’s true that most smartphones now have this option, nothing compares to a real, heavy duty torch that will help you sand your clients see everything in case of blackout or other emergencies.

We hope this list helps you set up the perfect toolbox for your retail business. Remember, you can never be too prepared for the unexpected.

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