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Increase the Effectiveness of Your Website by Using these Design Tips

Gaining high visibility on the internet, especially during searches, is the primary objective of any website, and the website design is critical for it. Besides, the website design contributes to the website’s smooth functioning, which generates a better user experience, which finally translates into a higher engagement. To achieve the goals, the website design must have enough outstanding elements that increase its attraction and usability and stand out from the crowd. As traffic starts flowing to the website, the importance of website design Bahrain becomes evident from its ability to create engagement that generates leads and translates into conversions. Conversions are the ultimate test of website design as it denotes the business performance as more conversions mean more revenue.

Tips to Increase the Effectiveness of your Website

The tips given below will help to strengthen the web design:

Synchronize your Online and Offline Identity

Most small businesses maintain an offline identity first and then create an online identity to achieve greater reach.  A lot of money and effort goes into establishing the business’s offline identity through various promotional materials like brochures and flyers, multiple presentations, signages, and other forms of advertising that create brand awareness and, through continued efforts, generate brand equity. When you are taking your business online by creating a website, it is imperative to maintain the brand image’s consistency in the online campaign. It means that the basic design elements like the colors related to your brand, the brand icon, typography, and font styles used in various publicity materials for the offline campaign should be the same for the online campaign. It will help in easy brand recognition even without the mention of the brand.

The Design Must Facilitate the Key Tasks

Base the website design on the business’s flow chart that defines the various stages of the business and the tasks related to each stage.  It should help the website perform the desired tasks in a proper sequence that matches the business process. Start by identifying the key actions or tasks that you want to achieve on the website, and then think about how to organize the design elements to complete those tasks. For example, if you want users to place orders online, then the design should include all such components that work in unison and finish the job. The website design must consist of a product display page, a cart, a checkout page, and a payment page which helps to complete the ordering process.  Moreover, the design must be intuitive, allowing users to move over from one process to another smoothly.

The Copy Must Be Bang on Target

Your website’s landing page and the first 100 words of your content on that page must be highly impactful and compelling. As soon as the visitor arrives at the site within the short span of 15-30 seconds, they should be able to appreciate the goodness of the website and decide to spend more time exploring the website in detail. The content’s opening lines must be so much forceful that it helps create the most favorable first impression about the website that influences visitors’ decision to spend a longer time on the website.

 Include a Search Box

The best user experience emanates from users’ level of convenience and how friendly the website features for them. Users expect to find the product of information that they are searching for with utmost ease, and the web design is responsible for making users happy. While users can navigate the website to reach the target page, they feel more comfortable doing it faster by searching for the specific product or information that directly takes them to the page. To meet the user expectation, include a search box in the web design because most visitors would be more comfortable with it.  The search box is handy for large websites that run into several pages as users can get accurate results in the shortest time by searching it directly.

Maintain a Consistent Layout of the Web Pages

Your website is the face of your company and business, and it must have a consistent look throughout. Although each page has its own importance, like the home page, landing page, product page, blog, etc., the interior pages are often not as crucial as some of the other pages. From a design perspective, you should maintain consistency across all pages. It helps to build a typical brand image that is easily distinguishable. Maintain consistency with the headers, footers, typefaces, elements, and images on all the pages of the website.

Keep the Content Crisp to Facilitate Reading

The web designer is responsible for presenting the content in the most attractive way that generates interest for reading. Break the content into small blocks, use shorter paragraphs, use subheadings to amplify the text, and even use bullet points to increase the reading speed. Content presentation plays a critical role in viewer engagement because even the best content might not seem interesting to read if the presentation is not attractive. Since the reading speed from a computer screen is 25% less than reading from printed pages, the aspect of content presentation acquires a lot of importance.

Provide a FAQ Section

A FAQ page is often the most crucial page for first-time visitors who can quickly gather lots of information in one place. Often it is the starting point when exploring the website. By helping visitors with answers that commonly come to their minds, you get closer to them, building trust and credibility. Providing the contact information on every page increases the chances of engagement.

Since website design contributes to the website’s overall performance, which in turn impacts the business performance, it is critical to measure the impact of the website design in terms of its capability to support the business in realizing its goals. A successful website design should drive quality traffic to the website that generates quality leads. It should help to increase sales, generate passive income and even educate buyers.   Prioritizing the objectives should help to better focus on the high impacting ones that produce the best results.

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