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The Kind Of SEO That Businesses Have To Deal With: Content, Relevance, And Web Analytics

Often it is said content is king in SEO and the web, and content relevance has been a factor in Google’s algorithms when organic search ranking is determined. Google can figure out whether your content is relevant for your industry/niche and your target audience. Whether the content is relevant to the audience, Google can tell by analyzing the behavior of the audience. It is true that users can reflect their behavior when using your website.

An experienced SEO company and an in-house SEO team who have worked on many search engine optimization projects would have told you this is in fact the truth about Google.

An example is that when a user Google a specific keyword, your page comes up as one of the ten organic search results on Google. The user clicks on the entry within the search result because the title or description has attracted her clickthrough. Your web page loads normally. The user starts reading some content on the page, and starts engaging by scrolling down the page.

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This behavior adds dwell time to the user’s interaction with your page. The added dwell time is considered by Google as a signal that the page’s content is relevant and may have relatively higher quality. Google also notices whether the user has bounced or not i.e. whether the user has clicked her back button on the web browser or not. This is another signal to tell Google if the user has considered the page’s content relevant or not for her particular search query.

When dealing with internet marketing projects, it is expected all the professionals including internet marketers, social media specialists, or SEO specialists all are able to work on analytics. For your website’s data analytics, you cannot monitor all the behavior that has ever happened to the people who have visited your website. But when using a free web analytics tool such as Google Analytics, you are able to track the most commonly used and important key behavior.

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The best of it is that you can quickly sign up Google Analytics with a Google account or Gmail account. Whether your website is a self-developed fully functional site, or is a site that is built using a website builder or CMS (such as WordPress or Wix), Google Analytics can easily and quickly be installed and set up on any website or CMS. Once the basics are set up, you can start customizing the tracking of full goals or half goals, and integrating with Google Tag Manager to track scroll depth, video metrics, button clicks, and more.

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