The Elements of a Logo Your Brand Might Be Missing

You’ve put together a solid business plan and almost all your ducks are in a row. But, you know that first impressions happen within the first 7 seconds. So, you know you need to have the perfect logo.

The right logo can make or break a new business in some cases. It’s worth taking the time to choose something that conveys the right message about your business.

But, what elements do you need in a good logo design? Keep reading to learn about the most important elements of a logo to include.


The best way to come up with a logo for your company is to kiss it:

  • Keep
  • It
  • Simple
  • Silly

Find a design that’s not super busy and complicated. It confuses the eye and doesn’t stand out in the customers’ minds.


It’s easy to put in too many symbols or make a logo too busy. Doing this makes it hard to see from a distance or on smaller-sized logos. Make sure your logo looks as good far away as it does up close.

Personalized Elements of a Logo

You want a logo that tells people about your business and what you offer. Personalizing aspects of your logo ensures that you appeal to your customer base. These are a couple of personalized logo design ideas.

Your Message

You want your logo to convey a message about your company. Even if you don’t have lettering, choose an aspect of your company to symbolize in your logo.

Target Your Customers

Different logos appeal to different customer bases. Bright colors draw younger customers while dark, bold colors draw a more masculine customer. Design your logo with your target audience in mind.


Have you ever seen a logo for a company and forgotten what it was a few moments later? That’s an example of an ineffective logo. You want something that your potential customers remember at a moment’s notice.


One of the most important aspects is how unique your logo is. You don’t want to blend in with the competition or get a copyright lawsuit!

The good news is that coming up with a unique logo design isn’t as hard as you think. Even if you use a custom logo maker, adding your own flair to a design can change it enough to make it legal and one of a kind.

The Best Logos Tell the Simplest Stories

With so much competition between businesses these days, it’s important to capture your customers’ attention ASAP. The best way to do that is with an eye-catching logo.

Keep these tips in mind when you sit down to design your company logo. That way you’re sure to come up with the perfect logo to represent your company.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned about some of the important elements of a logo. If you’re looking for more informative articles about business, marketing, and more, check out the rest of our blog today!

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