The Best App For Employers And Job Seekers To Find Each Other

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Do you still think that it is impossible to hire a perfect team or find a great employer within just 24 hours or even less? Well, the leading jobs posting service Job Today is ready to debunk all the myths about the modern recruitment market.

Job Today offers a unique format for searching for employees and employers that has nothing in common with most typical job search platforms. The Job Today recruitment website has incorporated the best features of instant messengers and social networks. The platform gives employers and job seekers the possibility to communicate with each other directly via in-service chat and video calls. Classic resumes and CVs are replaced with profiles like on social media. These profiles contain a candidate’s photo and information about their education, previous work experience, and skills. It is possible to find out all the necessary information about the applicant in a few minutes.

Main Benefits of Job Today

There are some reasons why the platform is worth your attention:

  • Simplicity and speed. Job Today offers a great user-friendly interface with clear navigation. The site design is concise and does not distract you from the main task. Thanks to the quality filters, you can easily find exactly what you are looking for. Additionally, the service system is built in such a way that the search process is very accelerated. Thus, you register in seconds, and after a few minutes, you start receiving notifications about contacts suitable for you.
  • An enormous number of users. The platform has over 10 million registered job seekers and gets 8 million applications every month. First of all, these impressive numbers mean that so many users consider Job Today a reliable website. Also, such a multiplicity of options guarantees that it is possible to find anything and anyone you need.
  • Diversity of service sector categories. The platform is perfect for anyone related to the service sector or who wants to become a part of it. Job Today posts profiles of workers and businesses that work in about 20 service sector categories, including bar staff, retail, child care, customer service, salon and beauty, cleaning, healthcare, drivery, office administration, warehouse, and others.
  • Mobile app. If you prefer to be constantly on the move and need a service that you can work with on the go, the Job Today mobile app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices is a godsend. Download the app at App Store or Google Play, and you will definitely not miss your ideal candidate or employer.


To sum up, the attractiveness of Job Today is in the convenience and high speed. The platform works just like any well-known social network app or messenger. You need to register, pay the tariff, and start contacting the candidates or companies that are suitable for you. Nevertheless, thanks to its features, Job Today is the best option for US, EU, and UK users who are looking for the perfect staff or employer and are focused on the service sector.

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