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The Best Answer: How Much Are Toyota In PH?

Toyota is a global car manufacturer based in Japan founded in 1937. This brand is one of the world’s most famous car brands for its technology and price. In this post, we will find out the answer to the question: how much are Toyota in PH?

How Much Are Toyota In PH?


A sport utility vehicle, or SUV, is a family vehicle with a truck chassis. This feature makes them sturdier and can be used to transport larger payloads. SUVs are known to provide exceptional safety on urban roads, out-of-town or off-road.

  • Toyota Veloz: 1.185 – 1.225 Million Pesos
  • Toyota Fortuner: 1.633 – 2.509 Million Pesos
  • Toyota Rush: 1.012 – 1.176 Million Pesos
  • Toyota Land Cruiser LC300: 5.21 – 5.672 Million Pesos
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser: 2.128 Million Pesos
  • Toyota Land Cruiser Prado: 3.454 – 4.25 Million Pesos
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 200: 4.619 – 4.985 Million Pesos


MPV is an abbreviation of ‘Multiple-Purpose Vehicle’, which means multi-purpose vehicle. Accordingly, thanks to the design of the rear seats that can be folded down flexibly, the MPV can be both a daily vehicle for the whole family and a cargo vehicle.

  • Toyota Innova: 1.186 – 1.759 Million Pesos
  • Toyota Avanza: 813,000 – 1.039 Million Pesos
  • Toyota Alphard: 4.08 Million Pesos
  • Toyota Sienna: 4.8 Million Pesos


Sedan Car

The sedan line is understood as a sedan with a body. It is divided into three completely separate compartments: the engine compartment in the front, the middle is the passenger compartment, and the rear is the luggage compartment.

  • Toyota Vios: 681,000 – 1.02 Million Pesos
  • Toyota Camry: 2.355 Million Pesos
  • Toyota Corolla Altis: 1.054 – 1.595 Million Pesos
  • Toyota Prius: 2.436 Million Pesos


Pickup Trucks Car

A pickup truck, also known as a Pickup truck or Minitruck, is a hybrid vehicle between a truck and an SUV. A pickup truck is also known for being able to carry goods like a light truck and can also carry people.

  • Toyota Hilux: 843,000 – 1.985 Million Pesos
  • Toyota Tundra: 4.5 Million Pesos


Hatchback Car

Hatchbacks have a similar design to sedans such as 4-seater cars, with low ground clearance and compact size, making it easy to move in and out of the city. At the same time, the hatchback has 3 or 5 doors, including the luggage compartment door that opens upwards with the rear seats that can be folded to create a large cabin space for comfortable storage.

  • Toyota Wigo: 568,000 – 700,000 Pesos
  • Toyota Yaris: 973,000 – 1.114 Million Pesos
  • Toyota GR Yaris: 2.74 Million Pesos


Coupe Car

The Coupe is a 2-door, 2-seat, non-B-pillar design car with a hood and a roof extending to the rear for a sporty look. Usually, Coupe models will have large, powerful engines for quite strong speeds. In addition, often, the car will be equipped with a luggage compartment that is only enough for use.

  • Toyota 86: 2.086 – 2.186 Million Pesos
  • Toyota GR Supra: 4.99 Million Pesos


Van Car

A van is a small truck with a rear compartment used to carry people or goods. We can easily identify Van trucks with other common vehicles in the rear compartment’s characteristics; the rear seat’s use is often turned into a cargo compartment, and the vehicle is registered with the D plate.

  • Toyota Hiace: 1.121 – 3.043 Million Pesos
  • Toyota Coaster: 3.898 Million Pesos


Crossover Car

Crossover or CUV, short for Crossover Utility Vehicle, is the name of a hybrid car between SUV and sedan design. The crossover model suits families who use daily travel or self-sufficient picnics. Sales are constantly at the top, making Crossover a desirable car line for many people.

  • Toyota Raize: 746,000 – 1.031 Million Pesos
  • Toyota RAV4: 2.157 – 2.5 Million Pesos
  • Toyota Corolla Cross: 1.303 – 1.774 Million Pesos


For the Philippines market, there are 27 car models introduced in 2022. The price list above has shown you how much are Toyota in PH for each car type. You can visit to learn more about Toyota’s prices in the Philippines or check to update other brand cars’ price lists.

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