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7 Examples of Effective Tagline Advertising

You’ve likely heard of or read many taglines in your time – but even so, you might be wondering what exactly is a tagline, and what makes one effective. Here’s a short guide to answer your questions concerning taglines, and 7 examples of effectives ones.

What Is A Tagline And Why Is It Important?

In the most basic terms, a tagline is a short description that captures and communicates the message of a brand. This builds brand personality and helps in securing the positioning of the brand within the market.

Perhaps the most popular tagline of all time is McDonald’s ‘I’m Lovin’ It.’  This particular brand is recognised by its tagline and their positioning in the market is influenced by it, too.

Taglines in themselves are powerful communication messages which are created to have a long-lasting effect on customers within just a single encounter. If crafted correctly, it communicates the overall benefit of what is offered to them in a way that is otherwise very difficult to do.

Different companies have different marketing objectives, so each company requires a different type of tagline. Here are the 7 main types:

Imperative – commands the audience to take action.

Descriptive – describe the brand’s offering and benefits in simple terms.

Provocative – encourages thought and emotion.

Superlative – uses the highest degree of comparison.

Interrogative – uses questions to direct audiences.

Specific – reveal the brand’s product and make it memorable.

Visionary – communicate the brand vision to the target audience.

7 Examples of Strong Brand Positioning and Why They Work

7 Examples Of Effective Taglines:

1. American Express – ‘Don’t leave home without it.’

This is a great example of tagline advertising because it’s memorable, informative, and useful to the audience. Not only does it remind them to bring it with them, but it reminds them of the company repeatedly.

2. Disneyland – ‘The happiest place on Earth.’

Who wouldn’t fall for this? Just these five words are enough to keep people keen to visit and find out if what they say is true.

3. Energiser Batteries – ‘It keeps going, and going, and going.’

You’re probably familiar with the power of three in marketing.  Psychology shows that patterns are a lot easier to remember than an off sequence of events or facts and 3 is the smallest number required to make a pattern.

4. Ford – ‘Built for the road ahead.’

Whether Ford is piggybacking off of the AA’s tagline or it’s mere coincidence, nobody can deny that this tagline is short, sweet and to the point – exactly what a tagline should be.

5. Hallmark – ‘When you care enough to send the very best.’

Hallmark cleverly uses psychology to position itself as the greatest, thereby making audiences subconsciously choose them when they’re shopping for loved ones as opposed to competitors.

6. Huggies – ‘We’re behind you every step of the way.’

Both literally and metaphorically, Huggies does a great job of crafting a memorable and emotional tagline for their nappies.

7. L’Oréal – ‘Because I’m worth it.’

If you’ve ever watched TV it’s likely you’ve heard this one many times. This tagline also uses psychology to goad people into buying their products because they feel like they deserve it.

So, there you have it – all the basics you need to know about tagline advertising, how it works, and seven examples of this put into practice.

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