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Safety 101: Which Type Of Car Seat Is Right For Your Family?

Safety is a priority above all when you want to purchase a car seat. Some parents feel they need a car seat from the moment they have a baby and as the time the baby grows up. A car seat can be really helpful when the family needs to travel.

Age, height, and weight of your baby will affect the choice of what seat is the perfect one. At least you need two types of car seats. One type of car seat will fit your baby, and the other one is to adjust your baby’s growth. Some of the best luxury baby car seats fall into the second type which adapt which the size of the child – learn more about it at

3 Quick Tips To Remember In Choosing A Car Seat

There are three easy tips to narrow down your choice in choosing a car seat:

  • Find the fittest model
  • Look for the 3C’s: Comfort, Convenience, and Connection
  • Understand how to install the seat

In order to help you find the right model, there are two standard choices for a newborn. They are infant car seats and convertible car seats. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Infant Car Seat

An infant car seat is the most popular option among parents. The design of this seat fits in an infant from 4 to 23 pounds. This seat is a rear-facing model. It provides comfort and convenience for both parents and baby.

The reason is that it is light and easy to carry because there is a comfortable handle. When your baby sleeps, you don’t need to worry waking him up because the seat is as comfortable as a baby’s bed.

Convertible Car Sat

Another alternative is a convertible seat if you think an infant seat is not what you are looking for. Only with a single purchase, it provides convenience for both toddlers and infants.

When the position of using it is in the rear-facing, it is able to accommodate children over 23 pounds and infants around 36 pounds. So, this convertible seat is the perfect choice if your child doesn’t fit in the infant seat anymore.

Different from an infant seat, the convertible one is not adaptable with a stroller. You can’t use it as a rocker or carrier as an infant seat can.

Toddler Car Seat

If you already purchased an infant car seat for your little one, a toddler car seat is might be the thing you need afterward. Your baby will grow and a convertible toddler car seat is the answer. Both forward- or rear-facing positions fit in this type of seat. When your child is at least 2 years old, you can use it. By using a forward-facing position in the car, you can turn around the seat.

The Conclusion

When you look for a perfect car seat for your family, you should consider the safety and protection. You don’t want to spend a few bucks on a car seat to replace your baby’s safety. So, don’t think that tempting sale on any garage sale or flea market. Find a good brand with its amazing feedbacks and trust your baby’s safety with the car seat.

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