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Audio Vs Video Baby Monitors: Which One Is Better?

Having a baby is such a blessing. As parents, you don’t want to miss any little thing your cute baby does every day especially to make sure that the baby is okay in the nursery room while sleeping. And a baby monitor is considered the best device for some parents out there to observe their little one.

If you are one of the parents and confused about which type of baby monitor is the right one for you, we are going to give you a quick explanation of two types of baby monitors. They are audio and video baby monitor. This guide will help you to understand more and decide which one is better easily. Let’s take a look!

Video Vs. Audio Baby Monitors

Almost everything nowadays depends on technology and science. We know a lot of amazing kinds of stuff thanks to the advancement of technology and science. One of the helpful devices because of those two aspects is a baby monitor.

It allows parents to find out and be alert to what their baby does while they are away. There are two types of baby monitors. They are video and audio. Every type of it has some features that give it convenient for parents to tell the baby’s activities.

Which One Is Better?

Some of the people said that a video baby monitor is better than the audio one. But that opinion sometimes sparks at a glance. A lot of parents chose audio monitors as a better type of baby monitor for the family.

Besides the easiness to set up and use and more affordable price, some parents have their considerations about video monitor. As the baby grows up, they are worried if their kid feels like being spied. And the rest of them think that an audio monitor is more convenient and practical.

And it doesn’t mean that a video baby monitor doesn’t have any fans. A few parents prefer a video monitor to the audio one. The reason is simply it can show the real-time activities of the baby that the audio monitor can’t. Parents can observe the baby with the recent with a wireless video monitor.

This is the best choice for parents who have to do some errands every day while having a baby. They just need to buy the gear and have the suggested app on their mobile phone. They use the connection of the Wi-Fi and the video monitor is ready to use.

The other advantage of a video monitor is that you don’t need to question what noise your baby makes. You just simply see it what your baby needs whether the baby needs you or everything is alright in the room. It will be helpful too if you have more than one baby.

The Conclusion

So, we hope that you figure out your need to decide which type of a baby monitor is the best one. Consider the advantage and disadvantages of each type will be helpful. Don’t hesitate to consult with a nursery specialist if you are still confused. You can also ask your friends if any of them had experience using one of them.

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