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Responsibilities Of A Customer Success Manager

A Customer Success Manager has a rapidly increasing role in any company today.

The role of the Customer success manager began with a simple promise to transform customer interactions from traditional “reactive” to “proactive” thinking. Today, the roles have expanded. They took on many new responsibilities and proudly constituted one of the main pillars of “growth” in the organization.

The Following Are Six Key Tasks That Allow Customer Service Managers To Be Busy:

1) Customer registration: registering new customers is the most important task for any customer success manager. But CSM makes a few mistakes that will cost the company a lot in the future.

For example, you do not need to train customers in all the functions of your product. You need to teach only those functions that help the client achieve early value.

For best results, customers should go the shortest path to value so that they can get some return on investment (return on investment) as soon as possible. This will help them understand the importance of your product. It has been shown time and time again that churn or growth seeds are sown early.

Therefore, it is important that CSM develops a well-designed customer registration system that makes life easier for customers.

What makes a good Customer Success Manager (CSM) great?

2) Account upgrade: support or response to any warnings, red flags, bad health. It can also be right from a customer contacting for some problem or any critical or expired customer support ticket. This assures that you control the fire when it is tiny & manageable.

Also, the customer knows that you are always there to help him/her when need and helps to develop a relationship. This is helpful during revision time when you can upsell to the customers as you will manage them to achieve the required goals.

3) Updates. Customer updates are what support recurring revenue. This is SaaS’s lifeline, as most of the revenue comes from existing customers.

Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the extension of the current month/quarter to avoid last-minute surprises. Especially when long-term contracts need to be renewed. The greater the cost and / or duration of the contract, the more effort is required. Sometimes it even needs fresh documents.

4) Upsell Campaigns: Upsell, expansion, and modernization are the three main ways in which CSMs can drive their portfolio to grow. It is also the best move to improve customer cost of living (LTV). If you have been managing your clients all the way and helping them solve issues, this process will be much more comfortable.

A targeted campaign or planned educational campaign requires good timelines, data, and strategies to be effective.

5) Periodic health checks. Successful managers cannot allow even the healthiest, happiest, our oldest clients to be at random. Calculating the periodic health (at least) of key accounts is an important activity to maintain this ever-growing combination. This will help CSM take effective action if some customers are unsatisfied with the product or for any other reason.

Since, in real-time, it is quite difficult to determine the exact status of all customers, it is recommended to use the customer success platform, which will help you monitor the status of your account and increase your efficiency by a mile.

6) Customer advocacy. Considering that customer service managers are the owners of customer relations, it makes sense for CSM managers to transform this relationship and value into real propaganda.

What Is The Role Of The Customer Success Manager? -

This may be in the form of an internal NPS survey, external reviews, a case study, or a good old-fashioned direction. Referrals lead to tremendous financial growth without much effort. Successful relationships lead to financial growth in ways you were not even aware of.

It is clear that the role of the client success manager will become one of the most important roles in any SaaS organization in the coming days with a specific executive post.

The CSM must measure several KPIs (key performance indicators) so that it can be assured that the company is moving in the right way at the right speed. KPIs that need to be speed for each company may differ from others, so it’s very important to select the right ones.

A good CSM and dedicated team can completely change the way the company. A good customer service team is literally responsible for creating or destroying a company.

It is also important to empower the CSM so that he/she can make independent decisions without experiencing unnecessary pressure. This will lead to the fact that CSM will make decisions, remembering the company, because he/she brings most of the regular monthly income (MRR).

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