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Rekey Or Replace Your Banham Lock: How To Decide

Although You might think of these items as Inconsequential, at some point, you are going to come across the door locks dilemma. It is something you need to take time to address.

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When you move into a new home, when you lose your keys or when the security of your home has been breached, changing the locks becomes critical. You don’t want to take chances with your family’s safety. If someone unauthorized to enter your home has a key to the front door, he may enter your property at any point in the future. This is why you should consider changing the locks.

We know changing all the door locks can be expensive, but there is an option you may not know. You don’t have to replace the entire lock; instead, you can rekey your lock, which might be a better option as it’s less expensive.

When to Change The Lock

When you decide to change a lock, you need to call a locksmith to remove the old lock or locking hardware and replace it with a new system. This gives you all new locks, new keys, and increases home safety. But changing the locks can be very expensive, and it isn’t always the best option.

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In reality, you only need to change your locks when the locking systems are failing, or when you need to update the locks. If your locks are deteriorated, then replacing them for more modern locking systems is a good idea.

Another reason you might want to change the entire lock is if you’ve lost the key. Sometimes having a key made for an old lock can be more expensive than simply replacing the lock. However, this depends on the locksmith you work with and should be something you discuss with him.

Rekeying Is A Better Option

Rekeying the locks is a process where the locksmith comes in and changes the lock mechanism within the lock system. You still have the old locks, but after he completes the process, none of your old keys will open the lock. Instead, you will need a new key. In many cases, having a locksmith come in to rekey your locks is more sensible (less expensive) than changing the locks. Plus, there is an added benefit to rekeying. For example, let’s say all of your locks are Banham, but they could be something else (just the same brand, you can often get something like the Banham cylinder replacement service, which changes the mechanisms of the inside of the locks. You can even ask the locksmith to change the cylinders so that a single key fits all of the keyholes. Giving you added convenience as you won’t need separate keys any longer.

Another reason you might want to rekey the locks is when you buy or rent a new home. This can be a more affordable option and guarantees that no one else can access your home without the new-keys. If you don’t rekey when you move, you might let someone who has been to your house before into your household without knowing it.

How to Rekey the Lock

When you know the lock manufacture or the style of your locks, for example, the Bahnham brand, you can call the locksmith to do the Banham cylinder replacement process for you. Of course, you might find a Banham cylinder replacement or other brand replacement lock kit from your local home hardware store. But unless you are familiar with locksmith practices, you may still have problems rekeying lock systems on your own. Locks require specialized tools, and buying these tools can be expensive. This becomes easier when you get a professional to come to your home and rekey the locks.

Rekeying your door locks or changing the entire lock system is very important when you’ve lost your keys, or when you change where you live. Maintaining the security of your home and the safety of your family is essential. It gives you peace of mind and is necessary to your being able to perform all your other daily tasks. Never assume that you are the only person who has the keys to your home. Rekey and make sure that you are the only person who has access to the property. After installing these locks, you will get the same satisfaction as the one you get when you buy AR-10 rifle to strengthen the security of your home.

How to Call A Locksmith with A Service Request?

Contact the London Locksmith 24h through the website or call us 02033710650 to make an appointment with one of our qualified locksmiths. We can help rekey all of your locks to make your home safe again

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