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How To Watch Twins With Baby Monitors?

A baby monitor can be an important tool to install in your house, especially if you have twins. You cannot just watch your babies every second because you are also quite busy to work. Well, you need to install a kind of CCTV camera to monitor your baby. It is very helpful and you will feel calm because you can see your baby at any time. Speaking of baby monitoring, how to watch your twins with the baby monitor?

Choose The Best Baby Monitor Type

Before you install a baby monitor camera in your house, you probably need to choose a type of baby monitor according to your wishes. There are two types of baby monitors, they are wifi baby monitor and non-wifi baby monitor. A wifi baby monitor uses wifi network and internet connection while non-wifi baby monitor works locally using wires. If you want to monitor your baby from a far distance, you must choose the wifi baby monitor. But, if you prefer local monitoring, you can choose a non-wifi baby monitor.

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Install Some Cameras In Several Rooms

Using some cameras, you can monitor your baby in different rooms of your house. First of all, you need to install a baby monitor camera inside the baby bedroom. Next, you may also install some cameras in the living room, kitchen, and family rooms. These cameras have to be placed in a high area on the ceiling. It is better if you install it on the corner of the ceiling. Somehow, you can also install it on a hidden area so that nobody knows that you install a camera. In such a scenario, you need to get a 2 camera baby monitor for 2 rooms.

Connect Your Baby Monitor To Wifi

If you want to monitor your baby anywhere, then you have to connect your baby monitor system to the Wifi. The wifi also has an internet connection so you can access your baby monitor at any time. Today’s modern baby monitor works based on a mobile device, so you have to install a certain application to monitor your baby using your smartphone. If you want to monitor it using your mobile devices, your device also must be connected to the internet.

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Record Your Baby Activities

It is better that you install a baby monitoring system that allows you to record every activity. It is important just in case an incident occurs and you want to watch the recorded video. So, you can either watch your twins in real-time or you can just play the recorded video that is stored in the storage or server. It all depends on the baby monitoring tool you use.

In conclusion, if you have twins, monitoring your twins can be very important. Somehow, you need to install some cameras in several rooms. It is also better that you choose wifi baby monitoring so you can monitor your baby from a distant location. Still, you also have to consider the wifi or the internet connection. The internet connection must be good and fast otherwise the video quality is not good enough.

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