Recruiting of Quality Digital Media Specialists

Recruiting of Quality Digital Media Specialists

In the past few years, digital technology has revolutionized the world of

business, bringing about new sectors that deliver a wide variety of digital services that range from media services to content marketing, social media, analytics, email marketing, and several others. This new development, which has been further accelerated by the exponential growth of the technology has brought about a high demand for creative and professional digital talent, with businesses,
companies and organizations fighting to land the best digital media staff on the market that can help their brands to grow. See:

Unfortunately, the high demand for digital media talent that is currently being experienced in the job market means that there is a higher demand than the available supply. This makes it harder for companies to find quality digital media specialists, who can fulfill their needs. Luckily for these companies,there have been new developments in the recruitment industry, and it is now possible to recruit quality talent.

How to recruit quality digital media staff

Not long ago, recruitment of talent used to occur through paper-based CVs, where employers would advertise for jobs in print media, and candidates would send their CVs and wait to be shortlisted for interview. While this method of recruitment still exists, its prevalence has been greatly diminished in favour of new recruitment methods thanks to digital technology. A new era of recruitment has come around, where companies are now advertising, receiving applications, interviewing, and hiring candidates through digital media. Learn more at Learn more at

According to experts, the use of digital media in the recruitment of talent has greatly increased in the past few years, with most employers now preferring it to the traditional recruitment method.Digital media recruitment has been further enhanced by the rise of digital media recruitment companies, which have stepped in to connect employers with professional seeking work. This has made it possible for organizations to access quality talent, and at the same time, helped people with matching skills to easily find job opportunities.

How digital media recruitment works

Digital media recruitment is unique from the traditional recruitment in that the entire recruitment, from advertising the position to hiring, occurs on digital media. Companies usually recruit talent through digital media recruitment agencies, who advertise the position, filter out the applicants, and then submit a list of quality candidates to the company. The recruitment can be used for all types of talent, from entry level specialists to junior professionals and even the senior ones such as the directors and CEOs.

The digital media staff recruited depend on the company being hired, with most of the organizations coming from markets including:

1. Advertising – mobile, video, social, display and others.

2. Ecommerce

3. Media and marketing

4. Creative market – designers, developers, project managers, etc.

5. Content marketing

6. Online marketing

7. Tech market

8. Digital sales

Benefits of using digital media recruitment 

Recruiting and retaining quality digital media staff has been a huge challenge for most companies in the past However, with digital media recruitment, companies can now be able to source for quality talent that they can be able to retain for a longer time. Below is a look at some of the ways in which digital media recruitment has helped both the employers and professionals seeking employment.

1. It has simplified the recruitment process

One of the advantages of digital media recruitment is that it has completely simplified the process of recruiting staff, both on the part of the employer and the specialists seeking employment. Nowadays, employers just need to advertise available positions using digital media, where they can be sure to get lots of applications from candidates with matching skills. The process is even easier when using digital media recruitment companies, as they are able to handle everything from advertising to shortlisting the candidates. Candidates seeking employment also have an easier time with digital recruitment, as they can be able to apply for various positions they are qualified for.

2. It provides employers with access to a larger talent base

The traditional paper-based recruitment process relies on print media (or in some cases, the word of mouth) when seeking candidates for a certain position. The problem with this method is that it limits the number of people who can apply for the position; only the people who are aware of the opening can be able to apply for the job. However, with digital media recruitment, employers are able to target millions of internet users at a go. The potential candidates reached increases even further when companies use digital media recruitment companies. This creates a very large talent base, from where they can be able to recruit quality specialists.

3. It promotes recruitment of quality talent

Another advantage of digital media recruitment is that it allows companies to be able to recruit quality talent that they can be able to retain
for longer period. Unlike the traditional CV recruitment process, digital media recruitment allows employers to research their employees further using their digital footprint before they recruit them. This allows them to learn a lot more about the candidates than what is written on the CVs, thus ensuring that only the quality talent is hired.

In addition, the access to the large talent base of digital media staff helps to provide employers with more people with the skill set they are looking for. As a result, they are still able to remain with quality candidates after filtering and shortlisting the applicants.

4. It reduces the cost of recruitment and training 

Digital media recruitment also helps employers to significantly reduce the cost of hiring digital media staff. To start with, the opportunities are advertised online, which helps to target more people at a considerably lower cost. The use of digital media recruitment companies also helps to reduce the cost of recruitment, as there is zero cost to the employer from the point of advertising, until the hired candidates start working. Digital media recruitment companies also help to source for candidates who are qualified and experienced, which mitigates the need for additional training.


The fast and continued growth of digital media technology has brought about a high need for quality digital media specialists, who are not easy to come by. While most companies have been faced with the challenge of recruiting good talent, the rise of digital media recruitment companies has helped to bridge the gap between the demand talent and the shortage of quality candidate.

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