Enjoy The Summer In Barcelona With These 3 Outdoor Activities

Enjoy The Summer In Barcelona With These 3 Outdoor Activities

Barcelona is one of the most frequently chosen destinations when it comes to summer holidays. It’s not just about the beach, this city has a lot more to offer to its visitants; art, culture, architecture, nightlife, gastronomy and music in this unique atmosphere that turn Barcelona into a real feast for the senses.

The Mediterranean capital offers a wide range of outdoor activities during the months of summer. We’ve selected 3 of them so that you can experience an unforgettable summer in Barcelona, you’ll enjoy it so much you’ll definitely come back again.

Brunch -In the Park

Brunch -In the Park in Barcelona is one of the most popular events in the city during summer Sundays. It’s held in the mountain of Montjuic, a great location to get out of the city and enjoy being outdoors even if we are really close from the city center.

There we can find electronic music from the best international and local DJs, great food tracks to recover energy in order to keep on dancing and a great amount of activities for the children, so that people from all ages can enjoy the Brunch -In the Park.

During the months of spring and autumn the Brunch is held in another location, in PobleEspanyol. Thus, it’s different name Brunch in the City.

Open air-film festival in Montjuic

Nearby the Brunch in the park you can also enjoy of a great open-air cinema. Sala Montjuic offers you the chance to enjoy the best films and music concerts while you have a picnic or just chill in the fields right next to the famous castle of Montjuic.

This festival is held every Monday, Sunday and Wednesday of the month of July plus the first week of August. It starts with a concert at 20:45h and later at 22:00h the projection of the film begins.

Remember you can always bring your own food from home, as well as your own chair ¿Doesn’t it sound like a great plan to have dinner in a special way? Enjoy the sky at night and feel the grass in your feet while you watch a movie in anenormous screen, whichever film it is I’m pretty sure you’ll always remember it.

Rowing at the Parc de la Ciutadella

One of Barcelona’s most beautiful parks is undoubtedly la Ciutadella. Many people gather here during the evenings to play music, practice some sport or just chill among its great palm trees.

But once you have come to the Ciutadellapark, you should definitely rent one of the boats at the lake that you will find in the middle of the park. Row across the lake while you listen to the birds, enjoy the vegetation and the fishes. This is specially recommended for those in love couples who want to add a special romantic ingredient to their holidays in Barcelona.

These are the 3 outdoor activities we have chosen to enjoy the summer in Barcelona. Anyway, there are many more so you just have to look around in order to discover all the great plans that this Mediterranean city offers during the months of summer ¡Enjoy them!

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