Questions To Ask When Selecting A Hot Tub Or Home SPA

Questions To Ask When Selecting A Hot Tub Or Home SPA

Whether you are planning to use your hot tub as a soothing retreat from the stresses and strains of daily life or somewhere to reconnect and rekindle special relationships with loved ones, this purchase is bound to add value to your life and home.

But while the process of browsing and buying can be thoroughly enjoyable, you will need to make sure the model you end up with is one that meets your unique wants and needs. Therefore, finding out as much information as possible by asking numerous pre-purchase questions is a fail-safe plan of action.

You will also need to consider how you will finance it, both initially and then on an ongoing basis taking into account the cost of the chemicals, filters and other items that you may need to factor into the equation.

If you were to drop by a HotSpring World dealership, a team of experienced and adept individuals will be happy to deal with any enquiries you may have. But what should you be asking them?

Where will the hot tub go?

Even though hot tubs come in a range of shapes and sizes, you will need to make sure the model you have your eye on will fit in your garden or home. Most hot tubs and home spas will be positioned outside or underneath a purpose-built structure, but others are designed to fit seamlessly into an interior living space.

Who will be using the hot tub?

If it’s just you and your loved one using the hot tub, then a two-person model will suffice. However, would-be owners with big families or those planning to host dinner parties will need something much bigger. Thankfully, there will be an option to suit your requirements.

What will you be using the hot tub for?

If you want to relieve tension, aches, and pains to specific parts of your body, then you should pick a model with hydrotherapy jets placed in the right spots. However, if you are simply going to entertain guests or have fun with the family, think about audio and visual options such as stereo and lightning systems or a LCD television.

How often will you be using the hot tub?

Hot tubs and home spas can be used all year round, so most modern models are incredibly reliable and dependable in all weathers. But if you are only planning to use your hot tub occasionally, think twice about paying a premium purchase price.

How much are you willing to spend?

Hot tubs tend to be a major purchase for most people, but along with the initial price, you should also consider the ongoing running costs too. The biggest expenses will be electricity, water, and chemicals.

What maintenance is required?

In addition to checking the water on a regular basis, you may also need to monitor the chemical levels and make sure the condition of the cover isn’t deteriorating. This is crucial, as a loose-fitting or damaged cover could lead to significant heat loss.

Where should I buy a hot tub or home spa?

With 35 years industry experience and 850,000 happy hot tub owners around the world, HotSpring World is on hand to help you find your perfect hot tub. So, get in touch or visit a nearby dealership today.

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