How Do Hotspring Home Spas Keep The Water Clean?

How Do Hotspring Home Spas Keep The Water Clean?

In spite of the extensive advantages that hot tubs can afford, some people may still have lingering concerns over their cleanliness. If regular maintenance does not take place, there is a chance that the water will become dirty and unusable, which is something that must be avoided for health and safety reasons.

However, home spas from HotSpringare different. This world-renowned manufacturer leads the way in the design and engineering of energy-efficient hot tubs. But that doesn’t mean to say that leading retailer HotSpring World overlooks the importance of cleanliness and water sanitation.

With its ACE salt water sanitising system, you can rest assured that your hot tub will be clean and safe to use without having to rely on too many chemicals.

ACE salt water sanitising system

Featuring innovative diamond technology, the ACE salt water sanitising system manages to generate powerful natural cleaners but with significantly lower levels of salt than the alternatives. So much so that it is around the same level as drinking water.

The diamond technology of the ACE system can also be found in breweries, food production, on cruise ships, and to purify water from the Austrian Alps. Therefore, you can have confidence that the water in your home spa or hot tub will be incredibly clean and pure.

In order for the ACE system to work effectively and provide valuable feedback to owners, a built-in state of the art control panel is included on all HotSpring models. This allows the owner to input his or her spa size and use level.

Less salt and fewer chemicals

In addition to a salt water level that is essentially undetectable by taste or smell, the ACE system also managers to reduce the need for additional chemicals. This is because it automatically generates the precise amount of oxidisers and natural chlorine needed based on the hot tub or home spa’s size and use level.

As a result, owners don’t need to constantly measure out and pour chemicals into the water. This precision means you won’t need to spend much money on chemicals and can also benefit from a long water lifespan, increasing the time between draining and refilling your home spa or hot tub.

The science behind water cleaning

Within the ACE cell, you will find some unique technology, which takes the form of a diamond-coated electrode. This special design allows the ACE system to generate a variety of powerful oxidisers in the water as well as natural chlorine.

The natural oxidiser produced by the ACE salt water sanitising system is called Active Oxygen and will instantly go to work to clean any impurities found in the spa water. However, Active Oxygen continues to work with other elements in the water, including salt and pH down, to create additional oxidisers such as ozone, hydrogen, peroxide, and MPS non-chlorine shock.

As a result, the ACE salt water sanitising system is capable of generate five powerful natural cleaners to ensure your hot tub or home spa water remains fresh and crystal clear.

If you would like to benefit from the ACE water sanitising system, be sure to check out the HotSpringWorld offers currently available from their website.

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