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Plans In The Pipeline That Will Boost Investment In Leeds

Leeds is verging on a period of explosive economic growth, however the levels of prosperity hinge on the ambitious regeneration schemes that are changing the landscape and attracting investment. The northern city of Leeds is well and truly asserting itself as one of the UK’s major economic centres, particularly since significant investment is underway with plenty more in the pipeline. Property investment companies like RW Invest are recognising Leeds as a flourishing region and a major contender to rival its northern neighbours or southern counterparts. When it comes to economic uncertainty brought by Brexit, Leeds is well placed to weather any storm that may arise.

Multiple sectors across Leeds provide strength and knowledge, which act as a huge bonus for the city. Not only is the city strong financially, but Leeds has one of the most diverse economies out of all major cities in the UK. Notable sectors include professional services, health, and education which act as some of the largest catalysts in spurring investment throughout the city. Alongside successful businesses, due to Leeds having one of the largest student presences in the UK, it has a growing talent base which is ideally placed to attract inward investment.

Investment in Education

There is a plethora of reasons why large corporations are moving to Leeds to do business. Not only are they escaping the escalating prices in the South, but they are taking advantage of the high standard of employees due to an educated and young population.

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A new £57 million Leeds City College aims to give education the biggest boost it has had in years. Digital industries, creative arts, and health sciences will be enhanced as students benefit from state of the art facilities. The introduction of Leeds City College’s revamped campus will propel Leeds forward for being recognised as a digital powerhouse.

Investment in Infrastructure

The renowned Leeds Playhouse will experience a dramatic revamp since it relocated to its current site almost 30 years ago in 1990. Costing £15.8 million, the project aims to be completed mid 2019 with the hope of attracting visitors from around the world to its new 100 seat studio theatre and new innovative entrance with improved disabled entrance. Similarly, The Emerald Headingley Stadium is undergoing a significant transformation costing £40 million, the biggest it has seen in its 128-year history. The regeneration of Leeds stadium will help secure the city as a major sporting venue for both rugby and cricket, drawing in crowds from all over the world and adding to the city’s economy.

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A 253-hectare masterplan has been devised to double the size of Leeds city centre after promises to redesign the Leeds South Bank. Billed as the biggest project the city has seen in the last century, the step is crucial for the city of Leeds and its neighbouring regions as it has been designed to create a positive impact on the city, not only through the creation of over 800 new home but 35,000 jobs too. Revitalising the area will introduce a brand-new station for HS2 (high speed rail), which will have a transformational impact on Leeds’ connectivity with the rest of the UK.

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