PDFBear: Transforming Your Documents Easily And For Free!

If you are looking for a reliable online converter, PDFBear is the best choice. It’s the ultimate and functional tool for transforming any PDF files for free. You don’t have to cut your budget to use it. Almost everything must be transmitted and held online with the pandemic situation, and complications for handling several documents also increase.

Since almost everything is done online for work and school, documents play a crucial role in everyone’s day to day lives. Forms are generally used to write and compose letters, articles, researches, projects, and the likes. By doing so, it’s also inevitable for any modifications, conversions, and alterations to occur. PDFBear can help you with these.

PDFBear As The Best Tool For File Conversions

PDFBear is a web-based tool that can transform your documents into different file formats that you can work with. It provides features like Compressing, Splitting, Merging and Optimizing, Repairing corrupted files, Securing a password for a file, Unlock a document, and many more.

It also offers various conversion tools that will be useful for your future document needs, such as Word Convert to PDF tool, Delete Pages, PDF to Excel, HTML, PPT, JPG, PNG, or vice versa. It’s excellent as it’s not only limited to a specific variation, but you can also work the other way around effortlessly. Here are five tools to use in PDFBear.

1.PDF to PPT

You can turn that dull document into a lively presentation with PDFBear’s PDF to PPT tool. You are not just creative but informative as well. You can express and share your creativity by adding shapes, images, texts, and whichever you want to add into each of your slides to make it more fun and presentable.

Also, converting a PDF to a PPT happens when you’re also required to have a presentation format rather than just a PDF file. To do so, go to PDFBear’s website and search for the PDF to PPT tool. Click the “Select files” and choose your file from your computer. It will immediately start to analyze and convert the file into a PPT format, and you can now save the new file.

2. Word To PDF 

A Word document is also the most common aside from a PDF file format since you can easily edit, add images, and do whatever you must do with your copy. And if you wish to modify and do some alterations, you can do so. But there are times wherein a Word document must be converted into a PDF format.

PDFBear can, of course, help you with that. Choose the Word to PDF tool on their website and upload the desired file into the designated box. You can drag and drop the file for a much simpler technique. It’ll instantly start the process and wait for a while. You’ll not wait that long as it works quickly. After waiting, you can now begin saving your new converted file.

3. PDF To Excel

Some documents are convenient and better when put in an Excel format. An Excel file is commonly used for student’s grades, financial records, personal accounts, and the like. PDFBear will also be your solution for this. Upload the file into the toolbox. The tool will start the process, and you can save it into your device afterward.


PDFBear is well-known for its efficient and straightforward process for converting documents into a top-quality file. And transforming a PDF file into an image isn’t that complicated with this online converter. To get started, upload the file that you wish to convert into its designated toolbox or drag and drop it.

The second step is to wait as PDFBear is transforming the document. After altering, you can now save the converted file into your device and share it with your friends or colleagues. There are two options. To share it via email, you have to click the email option, fill up what is there, and press send. If via the link, copy and paste the shareable link.

5. Compress A PDF File

PDFBear offers this Compress tool that some users will surely appreciate. Compressing or resizing a file is needed when you need your documents to be resized and optimized for more significant storage. Just select the file you wish to convert and wait for a moment while doing its job before saving it.


There may be hundreds of converter tools found on the web, but there’s only one website with everything you need. PDFBear is an all-in-one tool for your files concern. It’s guaranteed secure, safe, and reliable. No need for high skilled knowledge as it’s designed in a streamlined manner that everyone can benefit from.

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