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Forgot PDF Password? Easily Unlock it Using PDFBear

Undoubtedly, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Even though PDF files were extra protected already by their rigid structure and are always safe during file transfers, people still tend to look for possible ways to protect their most important information. Encrypting passwords on a PDF file slowly and steadily became a norm. 

However, this helpful tip of locking your PDF files can also come with specific risks, and that is its dependency on an individual’s memory capacity. Locking it means forever remembering or safekeeping the set password on your mind or a paper or device. Forgetting this set password would prove to be a massive hassle for many. 

What is PDFBear?

PDFBear seems to foresaw this steadily rising trend of locking PDF files for safeguarding purposes and created a new feature that will answer a possible future problem, the forgetting of the set password by an owner. This new feature allows the users to unlock password protected PDF files anytime and anywhere they are. 

PDFBear allows users to its wide range of features that can be used wherever the user is as long as it complies with the website’s three requirements. It ensures the fast and efficient processing of every PDF file that will be uploaded on its servers. These requirements are a stable internet connection, the PDF file to be processed, and the device to use.

These three are the requirements to ensure your PDF files’ faster unlocking. It is effortless to follow. Maybe the difficult one is the stable internet connection requirement. Still, as long as you comply with that, your PDF file is as good as done with the website’s remarkable capacity to operate alongside its aim to secure a speedy procedure.

PDFBear’s Environment

The website does not only rely on its aim to provide efficient processing of every PDF file but also on its friendly environment that allows free and easy access to whoever wants to give the website’s service a try. Its overall interior environment does not overwhelm the users regarding the amount of information present and directions needed to digest and follow.

Upon visiting PDFBear, one will understand how it was popular even to the people of advanced age with its easy-to-understand presence. The website allows every user to understand the directions and instructions by using simple words and clickable terms to alleviate navigation stress.

Things about the website like the FAQs and Privacy policy are accessible on the lowest part of the website, which appears on a clickable term. PDFBear also considered the non-English market to provide access to and programmed the website to be translated to selected major languages worldwide for the non-English speaking users. 

PDFBear’s Guide for the Unlocking Process

You can rest assured that PDFBear will not leave you hanging as long as you are in the system. Once you entered the website, you will immediately see the processing toolbox colored in blue with the steps for the whole unlocking operation provided just below it. The website offers a comprehensive and concise direction of step by step guide for newbie users.

The instruction starts at the supposed very beginning of every PDF processing, uploading the chosen PDF file to the system’s servers. Users can click the processing toolbox to shortcut their device folder that will pop up. From there, they can locate the PDF files they want to unlock and put them onto the system by dragging them in it. 

PDFBear will scan the file before uploading it onto the system’s servers. After the uploading process, the users need to enter their set password to proceed to the operation’s next step. Click the unlock PDF button you can see on your screen and let PDFBear encrypt your PDF file and remove the security password for you. 

PDFBear’s Features

The whole procedure will only take more than a few minutes, which also depends on the PDF file size undergoing decryption. It is entirely possible with the three requirements of the website mentioned above. These three requirements are broadly supported by PDFBear’s features that allow the minute processing of PDF files.

The requirement of a device means any device of any system as long as it can access the web. PDFBear supports the major operating systems like Linux, Mac, and Windows and is compatible with all search engine platforms like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and other popular ones. 

The whole unlocking and removal of password operations take place entirely online. That is why a stable internet connection is a necessity. Your PDF file is required because it is the one that will undergo the process of decryption. PDFbear does not want its users to worry. That is why all files uploaded within its servers are deleted automatically after an hour. 


Forgetting and remembering or looking for your passwords’ saved copy is a tiring cycle process. It might be able to protect your PDF files from harm, but what if you forget it at a crucial time and you cannot open it then? PDFBear is here to solve these kinds of problems for free with its secured and fast decrypting service.

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