Patriots Energy Group Inc. – catalyst for the u.s. Energy industry

Patriots Energy Group Inc. – catalyst for the u.s. Energy industry

The significance of energy production of a society is tremendous.The value and role of energy in our daily lives is quite versatile – energy feeds us, fuels our vehicles, fuels factories etc.While todays’ energy production tends to flow into a direction of alternative sources, oil and natural gas are still a important and valuable resource which can be used in various beneficial ways to enhance our economy.A solid proof for that is the blooming economy of the reputable country of Norway, which is exclusively based on oil export.

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At some point, oil out of the fields in the U.S. was predominanetly being extracted in a monopolistic manner, by a few gigantic companies.Later on, those companies scattered through the world in search of larger and more productive oil fields.However, in the last few years, the U.S. is still one of the top oil producers of the world.In order to maintain that, trustworthy and more conservative companies are needed.While working in the international sector of the energy industry helps growing international economy and trading, it is still important and most efficient to work on the basis of „acting locally – thinking globally“.Even though the U.S. is one of the leading megaforces of the world, a lot of it’s interior problems still haven’t been solved.Unemployment is still an issue, and that is why more investment in conservative companies such as Patriots Energy Group Inc. Is required.The company has a solid structure and professional background with great business and negotiation skills and most importantly, it’s commitment to maintaining traditional goals and helping the American economy grow is what puts it above the rest of the market.Today, in it’s laser-sharp focus is oil extraction at some „hot spots“ in the U.S. such as Illinois Basin’s, New Albany Shale, which promises a „commercial hit“ (success rate) of 90%.In a nutshell, the moto of Patriots Energy Group Inc. gives the most accurate description of their work:

“Excellence in selection, Excellence in
execution, with our focus on consistent
growth through the ownership and
development of domestic oil and natural

With skilled and edjucated leaders at the top of our energy industry such as Mark W. Wheeler, the president of Patriots Energy Group Inc. , the U.S. energy industry is bound to success.Research had shown that in 2040 global energy demands will have grown by 30% in comparison to 2010.Therefore, statistically, the development of companies such as this one is crucial for the U.S. energy independence and our future!

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