Things To Know When Renting A Car

Things To Know When Renting A Car

You are probably familiar with the term – rent a car. Maybe you have not heard this term, but you sure know what it means. The principle is simple – when you need a car just rent it for one or more days depending on how you agreed with the renting company. Using car rental services in the West is especially popular among the younger driving population that does not have enough money to afford a car (because of high taxes, fuel prices, lack of parking spaces) and has occasional need for using the rental services. Renting a car is still considered a luxury and fun thing to do. Most of the users of domestic car rental houses are mostly people who live and work abroad, and occasionally come to see their relatives or for business purposes. One of the reasons for increased use of rental service is also the cheap price. 

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Rent a car – all you need to know

Renting a car does sounds nice, but in practice they can cause you trouble if you are not careful. If you intend to use the car rental services, it is important to know exactly under what conditions renting a car you would not happen to have to pay extra. This is not a rare occurrence and this is another reason why one should be especially cautious when renting a car.

What to pay attention to

If you rent a car for the first time, the procedure is simple. You rent the car that you chose and if you are satisfied with their offer, sign a contract, after which you get the car.


When renting a car make sure to visually inspect it well. The examination determines whether there is damage that is written on the paintwork. Be sure to turn on the car, make sure it is technically correct whether the lights, blinkers, wipers are working or not, or whether there is liquid in it or not. It would be very good to rent a car to get home until there is daylight because you will probably see everything. If you are able and if the weather allows it, it is wise to visit more car rental companies. In this way you will be able to compare the condition of the car offered as well as to compare prices. In a telephone conversation all of them will say that their cars are in excellent condition while the reality may be different. When returning the car it will be thoroughly examined by the car rental company.

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The contract that you sign with car rental company is about your responsibilities and theirs. It is especially important to check whether the car is covered by comprehensive insurance. All serious car rental companies have cars that have full insurance. What does this mean? Practically this means that you as a user do not have financial responsibility in the event of breakdowns or accidents. In this situation and if you hit someone in the parking lot or if your car is stolen. The contract states that you have taken the car and when you need to return it. One copy of the contract belongs to the rent a car company, and one copy to the person who rented the car.

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