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Office Design Ideas- Decorative Brick Slip Walls

Brick Slip

Offices have advanced over the years, they used to be dull and drab, full of desks, chairs, paperwork’s etc. with a feeling of being cramped and the air was usually musty and the atmosphere depressing. Not anymore, offices these days are much more modern and certainly more desirable places to work than what they used to be. They are often open and airy now, and design is ultra-modern in most places thanks to savvy new furniture and furnishings, such as stand up desks and areas of relaxation.

Emphasise on decor

Office spaces these days tend to be more modern when it comes to interior design, gone are the days of dull old browns and beige in replace of bright, crisp whites, cool blues, trendy greys and accent colours which bring the whole thing together. We notice that since decor has stepped up its game in the office, clever creative ideas are being sought to rig out the office with a full-on chic approach, one of the popular choices for many is adding a feature wall, and wood effect or brick effect seems to be the sought after choice.

Brick slips in Offices

Many opt for brick slips to jazz up the office space, for a number of reasons, not only are they ultra-stylish to look at but also, they are incredibly easy to install, it’s basically the same method used for regular brick laying or tiling. Small business of larger firms can add this feature to enhance the style and decor of the rest of the office since they tend to complement fixtures and fitting rather well.

You can place brick slips pretty much anywhere; you may wish to install directly in the office area to make the place feel nicer and more stylish, and it’s certainly a great way to boost staff morale that’s for sure. Or you could have them placed in your reception area to make your entrance stand out and look inviting and appealing, as you know, first impressions count.

It’s up to you really, you can put them anywhere you like, and you have the freedom to get creative with it.

Wellbeing and morale

As mentioned above, staff morale can be enhanced by the environment in which they work; in fact, there are often studies proving this to be true. The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the workplace study has released some rather interesting facts, according to them 15% higher levels of staff moral and wellbeing was recorded when a workplace consisted of a natural surrounding such as plants and other ideas like natural brick slip walls. Recordings showed an enhanced creativity factor of around 15% plus feeling more productive workers at around 6%. So basically, it’s suggesting that if a workplace wants to get the best out of its employees, creatively and productively then emphasise on decor, within the office, is apparent. It’s about enhancing staff moral first and foremost and adding some brick slips alongside some natural greenery is a great place to start.

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