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Aromatherapy – The Best Solution For Workplace Stress


Work is one of the biggest causes of stress, especially today when people’s lives are much faster paced, trying to juggle it all, family, work social life, etc., finding a balance is no easy task.

Unlike employment years ago, where it was a case of going to work, earning your keep, and taking a salary home, these days we tend to find that a lot of people are under enormous pressure. Things such as deadlines, low paid roles, lack of career progression opportunities and uncertainty about their future have led many to be overwhelmed, underwhelmed and at its worst, feeling depressed.

Most employees like to be challenged, feel valued and/or at most appreciated at their workplaces, and if not, issues like this will inevitably create work-related stress.

Stress-Busting Aromatherapy Could Be What You Need

Aromatherapy has been recognised for being a positive solution when it comes to any stress-related issues; it’s been found to reduce stress and anxiety levels quite effectively. Mixtures such as chamomile, lavender and lemon work particularly well together, those essential oils mixed and inhaled are known to work wonders on the mind and body to relieve high levels of stress.

Work-related stress also tends to cause headaches and migraines, but there’s an excellent solution to tackle those issues; a mixture of sesame oils, sandalwood and coconut essential oils seem to reduce the pain caused by headaches and migraines.

What about depression? Are you or someone you know currently experiencing a bout of depression? Has work been the leading factor that has ultimately caused it? Whether it’s mild or severe, Aromatherapy works well in controlling depression and mood. Depression affects people in so many ways, not only does it affect will power, but it can also cause problems in relationships, families, work-life and health. The less stressed a person is, the healthier they are likely to be.

Aromatherapists know really well the benefits of inhaling essential oils and how it’s positive for mind, body and overall wellbeing. Once the inhalation process takes place, the fragrance molecules from the essential oils are what create the biggest impact on the brain; it alludes to greater balance which regulates stress levels, heart rate and overall mood.

Memory Benefits

Memory issues are rather common, especially with modern-day technology where workers rarely have to rely on using their memory as everything is well documented and digitalised these days. So, Aromatherapy may be just what you need to tackle these issues and boost the brain, as essential oils work in a way that relates memory to certain scents forming strong mental associations.

Energy Boost

Employees these days tend to be under so much stress and feel so exhausted they even fall asleep or start to nod at their desks around mid-afternoon.

Because of this, people usually resort to stimulants like coffee and energy drinks to keep themselves going through the day.

But there are better and much healthier alternatives. Essential oils such as rosemary and jasmine help to calm a person at night so that stress doesn’t keep them awake, ultimately leading to a brighter, more energised following day.

As you can see, different essential oils impact us differently. So, before trying it out by yourself, make sure you increase your knowledge on this fantastic holistic therapy. Either by attending an Aromatherapy course or by getting the help of a certified aromatherapist.

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