Keeping Your Audience Engaged: Event Interaction Tools

Live events have taken up a new evolution after the pandemic world with virtual and hybrid events. While running a live event, your focus must be on increasing your audience numbers and quality of audience engagement. Acquiring an audience has been made simple with smartphones and laptops, but utilizing cutting-edge technologies within your virtual environment to keep your audience immersed and engaged is relatively new. Let’s learn more about maximizing audience engagement by using event interaction tools.

1. Live Polling

Live polling is a simple tool to increase viewer engagement. By using live polling, you get quick responses to audience opinions, preferences, and thoughts on the event. The technology enables you to ask questions to the audience during the presentation, subsequently adding more value and engagement to the audience. You can use the live polling tools as a part of the Q&A session in your virtual event or as a tool to capture feedback to assess audience ratings on your program.

2. Event Landing Page

An event landing page is probably one of the most important tools to sell your event to the audience. It contains the information that the audience needs to know about the live event: date, time, location, etc. You can use functions like sign-up forms to get demographic data on the attendees, like age and location. Using such a sign-up form also enables you to get the number of participants and determine the success of your event before you host the event.

3. Live Chat

You need to consider the fact that the audience has signed up to attend the event over an extended period of time; having live events and not being able to interact with anyone can dull the experience of the participants. Live chats are powerful tools to increase subscriber retention and create a community experience among your viewers. By using live chat, your viewers will be able to connect with others, promoting networking and social connections. With live chat, you will be able to collaborate with influencers and experts to further promote your audience.

Best Audience Engagement Tools to Make Your Meeting Interactive

4. Virtual Venues 

The need for virtual venues for live events has been on the rise since 2020, since hosting physical events during the lockdown was not feasible, and event managers started hosting events in virtual venues. Since you use a virtual venue that is not confined to a physical space, you are able to reach audiences across the globe and have no cap space on the audience, unlike physical events. You need not book a place; hire personnel for virtual venue events reducing the costs and preparation time for hosting. With virtual venues, you can collect data and make analytics easily.

To Conclude

Once you figure out your goals in hosting a live event, you need not struggle with shifting from physical to virtual events; with Votemo, it will be a walk in the park. With Votemo’s live polling and audience interaction tools, you can provide an immersive experience for your audience.

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