How to Utilise Email Marketing to Enhance Customer Experience

Marketers understand the importance of customer experience and its influence on conversions, as well as customer retention. Most marketing channels rely on outstanding customer experience management for making their strategies work. But email marketing can be leveraged to enhance customer experience, too.

Customers prefer to get replies and feedback from their favourite brands via email, social media, and apps. Statistics reveal email marketing is great in deriving ROI, better than other marketing channels.

The Essence of Customer Experience Management

Customer experience management does not stop with making clients happy. It goes much further than that. According to Gartner, customer experience management involves the process of designing and offering reactions to customer interactions.

The objective through the process is to meet or exceed expectations, leading to higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and publicity. Clients always focus on gaining new customers and retaining the existing ones. Customer experience management ensures that both objectives are fulfilled when done right. To drive both customer acquisition and customer retention, the marketing efforts need to align with customer service strategies and develop communication methods to meet and exceed customer expectations.

For proposing a sound customer experience strategy, businesses need to know the target audience, accurately mapped customer journeys, relevant analytics of interest and purchase, along with customer feedback.

Ensuring Best Customer Experience with Email Marketing Methods

Utilizing email helps create a positive customer experience and assess brand sentiment. With email, you can drive prospects and clients on a customer journey right from their time of purchase, and then throughout every subsequent purchase.

Here are some kinds of emails that ensure a genuinely positive experience:

  • Welcome emails
  • Incentives or discount emails
  • Confirmation emails
  • Thank you mails
  • Rewards for Achievements
  • Contests and Webinar Links
  • Surveys and Polls

The content type as well as the right timing of dispatch of emails is crucial too. Here are some methods to ensure the best customer experience.

1. Customize your Messaging Strategy

While you send hundreds and thousands of emails all at once, one should think about the intended recipient too. Assess and estimate whether the recipient will be happy to receive that message at a particular point in time. Check the subject line to the body content of the email and whether it is targeted to the intended prospect, based on purchase preferences, location, product purchase history, and so on.

Sending in thousands of emails at once is the easy part, devising the right strategy of sending these emails for maximum impact, takes the cake.

2. Give your Customers Multiple Options

Businesses should use preference centres to allow email subscribers to choose what they need. By putting the ball in their court, you do not bombard them with information but will let you know how they want their content to be personalized.

It helps when marketers devise a handy preference centre to pool information that could benefit subscribers, prospects, and buyers to choose their preferable approach instead of being too proactive. They are bound to appreciate your approach and reveal how they need the content from you and when. An email audit can help you choose the right email marketing approach for your campaigns.

3. Let Customers Talk Directly to You

Being accessible to prospects and customers is highly useful in forging a lasting customer-vendor relationship. Customers value this approach to quality mailchimp alternative mailerlite customer service. Customers usually get frustrated when their preferred brand does not respond directly after being pushed from the FAQ page to a bot, to the call centre? Offer email support to your customers directly from your email campaigns to give yourself the opportunity to solve their issue—which will boost their perception of your brand.

Being accessible to customers helps in providing high-quality customer service.

4. Measure Customer Experience with Analytics

Analyzing customer experience involves much more than just counting the click or open email ratio. Understand customer behaviour and how they feel about the brand. Use polls and surveys to gather relevant feedback from the customers. Use the metrics such as net promoter score that implies customers who would like to refer to the brand offerings, the customer satisfaction index that calculates average rating score awarded by customers, customer churn rate that reflects on those who do not make recurring purchases or opt-out of the service itself.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is quite important for all kinds of companies and email marketing can help you break the barriers. They ensure that the reach is organic to your brand, and customers are genuinely interested in your products, with glowing reviews providing an indication of customer satisfaction. A positive experience is bound to affect the sales positively and in turn, impact the bottom line too.

To build positive customer experience, marketers need to work on actual email campaigns that are genuinely devised and interested in outlining the overall customer journey, attempting to create positive relationships with prospects and clients.

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