The Top 3 Trends In Industrial Style Furniture

When it comes to design trends, industrial style furniture in the UK is one of the hottest new trends. However, industrial design is an umbrella term that comes with its own subset of different trends. In this article, we will look at the 5 hottest trends in industrial style furniture, narrowing down the macro to the micro so that you can make informed decisions about your next trendy feature piece.

Using Brick Slips To Emulate Exposed Brick

When I think of the word industrial, I see a factory, with machinery aplenty and gruff people amidst the smoke and sparks. However, take all the furniture out of the building and you are left with the basic furnishings, primarily in this environment we would see raw brick walls, characterized by time. In the modern world, when designers and aspiring home renovators alike attempt to bring some of this primal energy into their home, exposed brick is one of the fundamentals. The latest trend in this area is to use brick slips, which are thin cuts of brick, typically used to restore or replace the fronts of decayed property. By lining a non-brick wall with brick slips, or using reclaimed brick slips to cover brand new exposed brick, industrial character is instantly added to the space.


The other thing we would be left with in our imaginary, empty factory space would be columns. Whether ceramic or metal, ornate or utilitarian, a solid pillar gives not only character but also functionality to space. By adding some columns to your space or knocking through walls and leaving distinct pillars in place, you can zone your space to split dining from living, and so forth. We are noticing and increasing number of designers reclaiming columns from soon-to-be demolished factories to be installed in swanky new builds. These add history to these otherwise soulless buildings.

Old Gold: Reclamation Transformation

We are seeing a lot more companies transforming interesting industrial artefacts into furniture for homes and businesses. Mostly these objects are turned into tables or chairs, such as an old jet engine being made into a coffee table, or the empty hood of a classic Ford Mustang being turned into a sofa. The potential creations are limited merely by imagination, who knows what we will see being made over the course of 2021. People are using these breath-taking innovative restorations as centrepieces that bring wow factor to any space.


Industrial style design and industrial style furniture are new concepts that are only just gaining popularity. So, the emerging trends within this trend may be on the bleeding edge of design ideology. It is certainly worth paying attention to the upcoming ideas in this area, and if you want to find out more, check out some industrial design blogs. We hope you have enjoyed this article, stay tuned for more interesting pieces like this one in the near future, please share to anyone you know would also enjoy reading about the top 3 trends in industrial style furniture.

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