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How to Tackle the Daily Commute Post-Lockdown

Since the initial UK lockdown in March, many of us have continued to work from home. We have set up our own little cosy corners to work from, got used to wearing comfortable clothes, and taken full advantage of not having to do the long morning and evening commute.

If you’re suffering with return-to-work anxiety after finding out that you’ve got to go back into the office soon, there are a number of things you can be doing to prepare yourself. The below tips should help to alleviate any worry ahead of returning to work.

Go to Bed Earlier

Because you have not been having to get up as early while working from home, you may have allowed yourself to go to bed a lot later than usual every night. If you have fallen into this routine, it’s time to get your sleeping habits back on track. Get into bed earlier to allow yourself some time to wind down. A good night’s sleep will also set you up for a productive day.

Practise Mindfulness

Practising mindfulness can make significant difference to your day. From sitting silently, to doing yoga, it’s so important to remind yourself to take notice of your thoughts, feelings and body sensations. If you’re someone that finds comfort from meditation, utilise apps such as Headspace to listen to soothing sessions as you head into work. No matter whether you walk to walk, drive, or take the train, this time provides the opportunity for you to relax before getting to the office.

Get Everything Prepared the Night Before

Don’t run the risk of forgetting something after you have left for work and prepare the night before instead. Hang up the clothes you are going to wear, prepare your files, pack your Messenger Bag, and make your lunch. These days, we must remember our masks and hand sanitiser, so ensure that they’re put out ready for the next day, too.

Try to Avoid Large Crowds During the Commute

One of the big concerns about allowing people to head back to the office is the potential for crowds to gather on public transport, as this could lead to a further spread of coronavirus. With this in mind, employers may stagger the working day. If possible, take an alternative route that is less busy and this will help you avoid large crowds. If you do take public transport, ask your workplace if you can work outside of the usual ‘9 to 5’ hours, to reduce your exposure to others.

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