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How To Show Gratitude To Your Employees This Christmas

Employees are the backbone of every company. Therefore, as the year comes to an end, do not forget to appreciate your workers for all the effort they have put in to ensure that your company remains successful. Here are a few ideas of how you can show gratitude to your employees this Christmas.

Paid Time Off

Sometimes the best way to appreciate your employees is by sending them home to their families. They have dedicated a majority of the year to serving your company, so provide adequate days off during the holiday season. If they want to travel home, they shouldn’t feel rushed back to work. This break will allow them to rest, rejuvenate and prepare for the New Year ahead.

A Year-End Bonus

Monetary rewards remain one of the best ways to appreciate your employees. A year-end bonus, also known as a Christmas bonus, is a reward paid to employees at the end of the year. In most cases, bonuses are tied to performance, making them the best way to appreciate employees who have performed exemplary this year. If you decide to take this route, ensure that you inform your employees of your policy well ahead of time so that they understand who gets a bonus and under what circumstances.

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Opportunities To Learn

Most employees are always looking for opportunities to improve their skills or learn a new skill. Therefore, consider offering them a learning stipend that they can use to pursue professional development. Employees appreciate education grants because they prove that you are as invested in their career development as they are. If you don’t have an educational stipend program in place yet, paying for conference registration and travel is another way of offering learning opportunities to your staff.

Personalised Gifts

Nothing rubs employees the wrong way like receiving a thoughtless gift after a long year of hard work. If you want to show gratitude to your employees, consider getting them personalised gifts that they will use in everyday activities. With people still working from home, headphones, speakers, customised diaries, and laptop accessories will make great gifts. Besides personalised gifts, employees also appreciate gift cards to restaurants, thank you notes, and holiday treats like cookies and pastries.

Throw Them A Party

Nothing beats a party to spread Christmas cheer and appreciate your employees for making it through another long and hard year. Christmas parties don’t have to be an expensive affair; just set a budget and work around it. If you can’t host a party at the office due to Covid-19 restrictions, try organising a virtual dinner instead. Do not forget to give a speech appreciation to all your employees, from the executive to the cleaners.

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