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How To Help Your Employees After They Have An Accident

If an employee has suffered an accident which has left them injured or traumatised, it’s important to support them as much as you can. Your employees are the backbone of your company so ensuring they are happy and healthy is crucial to your success.

If you look after your employees, they will look after you. So, what should you do to help your employees after they have an accident? Below, you’ll discover some of the best advice you can follow.

Give them flexible working hours

It can be difficult returning to work after an accident. So, why not make it that little bit easier by offering your employee more flexible hours? If they can do part of their job from home, allow them to work remotely where possible while they recover.

Offering flexible working hours to your employees delivers a lot of benefits. It can help reintroduce employees back into the workplace gradually. You’ll also find it boosts employee morale.

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Encourage them to speak to someone

Suffering an accident can be traumatic. If your employee is struggling, it’s worth encouraging them to speak to someone.

This could be a therapist for example, helping them to come to terms with what happened and supporting them to overcome the trauma. Or, perhaps they are struggling financially? If the accident wasn’t their fault, they could seek a no win, no fee compensation claim. This would help them during their financial troubles, reducing stress and helping them to better recover.

Ensure they are comfortable at work

If the employee is still working within the workplace, you’ll want to make sure they are comfortable. This could mean you need to invest in more comfortable seating. They may also need to take small breaks throughout the day somewhere quiet.

Ask them what they need and try and be as accommodating as possible. If your employees feel looked after, they are going to remain loyal to the business. So, make sure you keep them comfortable and give them everything they need while they fully recover.

Ensuring you support your employee after an accident is important. Not only is it better for your business, but it’s also the right thing to do. By truly caring about your employees and looking after them, it’s going to strengthen the business and ensure you have employees you can depend on. They will also be more inclined to stay working for you if you show you care about their health and wellbeing.

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