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4 Effective Leadership Skills & Qualities

Whether you have attended change management training recently or a few years ago on thing that you will agree is that there are some leadership qualities and skills that are very important when it comes to doing your job. Here we will take a look at just four of those skills that can make all the difference when it comes to being an effective leader.

1.Listening to those you work with

It might seem obvious, but one of the single most important qualities that you can have as a leader is listening. You need to be able to listen to the other members of your team and give their ideas the consideration they deserve. Any team will consist of a selection of people with their own very different strengths and weaknesses and their own voice. In order to be an effective leader, it is important to listen not just to those people who project their ideas the loudest but also those who are quiet as well. Listening will also offer you the opportunity to offer support where it is needed and more importantly to see where there are people with skills that are not being used to the best of their ability.

2.Having vision

A great leader will always have impeccable vision as one of their qualities. This is vision to see the future and anticipate issues that might occur with any project that they are involved in, before it has actually taken place. This vision will allow them to be one step ahead and anticipate what is around the corner. For anyone who wants to be a leader in their professional field this is a critical skill and will make then stand out as a leader rather than just another manager.

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3.Being supportive

An effective leader is someone who understand and has the empathy to sense how other people are feeling. When a leader shows a genuine level of authenticity in those individuals around them, they can create a base for trust which they can build on. It is this platform of trust which will allow them to help and inspire their colleagues to overcome any challenges that they may face in their workloads. It also allows them to intervene in any group work in order to promote efficiency within an organisation, calming any concerns that those around them may have and helping to prevent any conflicts of an internal nature between employees.

4.Solving problems

An efficient leader is one who not only has the vision to anticipate problems but can also solve them as well. Whilst many people believe that the ability to solve a problem is a simple one it can be incredibly deceptive. Problems an often be far more complex to solve than they first appear and effectively solving them can often take a considerable amount of skill and vision. If you are looking to brush up on your problem solving skills then change management courses can really help.

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