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How To Get The Most From Your Junior Management Team

Being a member of a senior management team or the head of a large department or division within a business can be a very demanding role. While completing your own tasks and responsibilities, you must also ensure that managers under your supervision are fulfilling their responsibilities too. You also need to create opportunities for their professional growth and offer them the support and mentorship they need to succeed.

If you have a well-functioning junior management team below you, you can create more time for yourself to concentrate on the demands of your role in the business, increasing the productivity and cost-effectiveness of your division or department along the way. Here are a few ideas on how any member of senior management can get the most out of their junior management team, no matter which business sector they operate in.

Spend Time with Your Team

By investing some time in your management team, both as a group and as individuals, you can achieve incredible increases in efficiency and productivity. Members of your team may have attributes or skills that you are unaware of that you can utilize. It also gives you an opportunity to analyse what strengths and weaknesses the team or individual team members have. When a junior manager sees the investment that you are making in their success, they are much more likely to perform to the best of their abilities.

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Invest in Management Training Courses

Management training is a worthwhile investment to make for any member of the management team, even yourself. Training your team can be very time consuming to plan and execute effectively. Many businesses find it more cost effective to outsource management training to specialised companies that can tailor a management training course to fit their business needs. You can find options at, which has a number of different management training courses that can suit any business.

Create Group Tasks and Goals

Many junior managers struggle to see how their work affects the department, and this can lead to low productivity. It is important to make sure the members of your management team understand how vital the role they perform is, and how their efforts translate into success for everyone. Knowledge is a powerful tool that senior managers can use to empower their junior staff to work to their maximum capacity and contribute everything they have to the goals of the department or division.

With a strong management team working for you, with the skills they need to succeed in your business, you will have more time to operate effectively yourself and have capable subordinates to delegate work to. You can improve the performance of your entire department from a small investment in management training and create a more productive atmosphere in the team by spending more time with them, assessing their strengths and weaknesses. Your department or division can achieve great results from just a small investment in your team.

Investing in your junior management team is the smartest decision any senior manager can make.

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