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How to Transport Your Dog Overseas

Introduction: Why is it Important to have a Pet Travel Plan?

With the advancements in technology, it is now easier than ever to plan and execute international pet travel. While traveling with your pet is not always easy, many people choose to do so because they want to spend time with their parent or child. They also want to make sure their animal will be safe and well taken care of during the trip.

International travel can be expensive for families who are looking to take their pet with them. This is especially true for those who are planning on traveling abroad by plane. For these reasons, it can often be helpful (and sometimes necessary) for families to prepare a travel plan that includes both air travel and animal transportation.

Pets are one of the most important members of any family, including those who live in different states or countries. It’s important to

Five Tips on How to Prepare Your Dog for Air Travel

When planning to take your pet for a trip, make sure you are prepared. Here are some crucial steps on how to prepare your dog for air travel.

  • Have your vet examine your dog for medical reasons that might affect travel. For example, if your dog has asthma, they should be prescribed medications before the trip
  • Be up-front with your vet about any dietary restrictions, like milk or peanut allergies
  • Pack necessary items to ensure a safe trip for both of you – carrier bag with food and water bowls, toys and treats, medications if needed
  • Start out slowly with short trips of up to three hours away from home so they get used to the vehicle seatbelt
  • Consider bringing along a comfy blanket or toy that can help

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How to Make the Best Choice of Dog Transporter(s) for Your Pet’s Travel Plans?

When it comes to international dog transportation, there are many options for pets and their people. If you need to relocate your pet outside of the US, then you should consider an international dog transporter. Shiply is a professional dog transport company, which provides smart transport containers for pet shipping. You should also consider whether or not you want to use a private air transport service, car transport service, or ground transportation service when traveling with your pet.

How to Make the Best Choice of Dog Transporter:

A: Private Air Transport Service: Private air transport is a great option in most cases because it usually has lower fees and more flexibility than ground services that offer similar rates. However, it can be difficult for some individuals to manage the logistics of getting their pet from place A to place B by plane due to factors such as travel times and difficulties with connecting flights during busy travel periods.

Which Countries Can Legally Pick up a Dog Outside Their Country of Residence?

A lot of countries have different restrictions on pets, some are stricter than others. Countries with restrictions usually have reasons for it.

Some countries have more rigorous requirements for importing a dog than others. The country of the dog’s origin (Canada) is not among these countries and it’s more likely that they will allow a pet to be brought in without any significant limitations.

As of 2016, Canada is one of the few countries that allow people to bring their pets into the country without any limitations or conditions on how long they can stay (7 days).

A lot of countries allow pets to be imported but only some are considered “safe” for animals; Canada does not fall into this category.

Conclusion: Start Planning Your Pet’s International Transports Today

There are several types of pet international travel options. They include air, sea, and ground transport. But what should you choose?

You should consider the following factors before starting to plan your pet’s international travel:

– Cost of transportation

– Time needed for transportation

– Time needed for the process

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