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How To Get A Sales Job With No Experience In The Real World

Applying for a position in the sales industry, especially if you lack experience isn’t always easy. And it gets even more challenging for fresh graduates who are looking to land a successful career in sales.

But don’t you worry because this is just a common thing. Even the top salespersons in the business were once rookies, and they have also experienced at same ordeal before. So take time to read today’s post we are going to share some information on how to get a sales job with no experience in the real world and secure the entry-level sales job you want to have.

Dedicate Enough Time For Self-Development

Educating yourself is very important if you want to start a career in any industry. And this is essential since acquiring enough knowledge in your field of interest can somehow compensate for your lack of practical experience in dealing with actual sales situations.

So as much as possible, make it a point to:

  • Read sales books
  • Get to know the different entry-level sales job from various industries like being an account executive, stockbroker, real estate agent, etc.
  • Check online blogs and articles that offer valuable sales techniques and insights.
  • Listen to sales podcasts than can enhance your skills as a sales professional.
  • Watch movies about sales like “The Wolf of Wall Street”, “Boiler Room”, and “Jerry Maguire” so you can learn while being entertained at the same time.
  • Attend webinars

Being a novice, you have to invest more in self-learning and absorb as much knowledge that you will come across as this will allow you to grow as a successful salesperson than not taking time to learn at all.

Make Meaningful Connections

Sales is not just about selling stuff to people for you also have to build connections with your clients. So take the opportunity to get acquainted with the right people and connect with individuals or companies that really interest you as they will be able to help you in your development as an efficient sales specialist.

To make meaningful connections, we recommend you to sign up with sales groups on the internet or create a LinkedIn account. Be an active member and ask relevant questions about the position you are applying for because surely enough, more and more people will be glad to help you.

Fine-Tune Your Resume

Get noticed in a very crowded job market must also be a priority. So you need to have an impressive resume. To do that, you need to do the following:

  • Keep it clean by removing typo errors. You may use fancy words, but don’t overdo it. And including sales-related terms is also recommended to impress the employer.
  • Make it brief and skimmable so the employer will be able to read it easily.
  • Customize it for the position you want by highlighting the skills and experiences that are related to the job you are seeking. You can ask the help of a sales recruitment firm as they’ll be able to tailor-fit your resume to your desired position.
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