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How to fix a wireless charger not charging

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Although wireless charging seems as simple as placing the phone on pad and walking away but sometimes it can be pretty tricky. You need to make sure that the phone is correctly aligned or else it won’t charge efficiently. Similarly, there can be some cases where your wireless charger faces issues like not working or charging the phone. In such scenarios, there are some fixes that need to be tried. To help you with those fixes, we shall guide on what to do if your wireless charger doesn’t works or stops charging.

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  1. Align correctly

As stated earlier, if the placement of your phone is not aligned properly, it won’t charge. Sometimes the phone could be set too high or low, a little off to one side BestBargains .This misalignment makes it hard for the coils in the charger to find that connection with the phone. As a result, your phone won’t charge.

Therefore, before running to a repair shop to fix the charger, reposition your phone to the height and position that suits it the best. Centre it to the right position and wait for the charging symbol on your phone to indicate that charging has started.

  1. Restart your phone

This is probably the oldest trick mentioned in the books. A typical restarting fixing issues isn’t just a myth. Doing a restart causes the phone’s operating system to load again which could fix any glitches or hardware issues that the charger was facing earlier. The Qi technology starts over and could solve any problems related to the charging process.

  1. Take off the case

A case protection or external covering on phone can hinder with the normal wireless charging. This usually happens when the case is too thick and interferes with electromagnetic intrusion from the charger.

Anyways, if you have an external covering, take it off and try charging it again. To avoid such situations in future, try opting for a thinner case for normal charging.

  1. Check the plugging of wireless charger

I really hope that you have your wireless charger plugged in wall socket all this time. Otherwise, of course the charger won’t work. Wireless chargers also require a constant power supply to operate. Therefore, check whether the charger is properly plugged in or not.

  1. Update the phone

You need to aware that wireless charging not only elated to the hardware only but relies on the software and operating system of the devices, such as Qi. Therefore, if your wireless charger is not working, there is a chance that the issue lies in the phone’s operating system.

Update your smartphone to the latest available version of OS to tackle any software related issues.

  1. Visit a repair shop

Lastly, if you cannot fix the problem of your own and can’t conclude what is wrong, you might want to visit a repair shop. The fault in your charger maybe a technical one and may require a professional to see it. If even that doesn’t repairs the charger, it’s time to look for a new one.

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Hopefully, we have guided you enough on how to fix a wireless charger not charging. Keep in mind that a wireless charger is a piece of electronic after all. Therefore, it is prone to hardware or software issues. However, there is always something that can be done to fix these technical issues.

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