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Brand Awareness That Has Staying Power

If you are looking to build a brand, you need to be aware that it is not the easiest task. According to recent research, 7 out of 10 new tech companies last no longer the 2 years. There are many reasons for failure – poor business planning, the market wasn’t there and more – but in many instances, a lack of real brand awareness is a factor. Let’s have a look at how to build a brand that stays the course.

1: Content is King

Never forget that people like to see fresh content on your blog, website and any other media you use. Quality content creates leads. Begin with your website – have a blog that includes fresh content regularly, add media posts that relate to your business, and include some sales material, but not too much. Make sure your content is SEO-friendly; keyword research is your friend. There are no hard and fast rules for content, but it has been shown that content of more than 2,500 words is the best for backlinks.

2: Use Social Media Efficiently

When people read your social media posts, you want them to see that you are an authority in your chosen field. They want to know that you are the people to turn to for the best service, advice and products in that market sector. Make sure your social media content references people in the market sector who are influencers, and other companies that may be of interest.

3: Use the Media to Your Advantage

The media is essential to your brand awareness. If you give them what they want, in the form of unique stores and angles that they can work with, they will give you the coverage you need. You need to nurture relationships with the right journalists and the right publications. Remember that different media outlets are looking for different things. If you are talking to a business publication, they want your story, how the business came about, what you add to the industry and so on. Trade media, on the other hand, want the low-down on your service or products, and are a great place to enhance your brand among others in your area of commerce or industry. Then there are the money oriented outlets, who want to know about investment, and the finance side of the industry.

4: Promotional Products Expand Brand Awareness

A simple way of getting your brand seen by large numbers of people is to give away branded promotional products at events, shows, conferences and anywhere you may have a presence. The quality of branded products can be very high for little cost if you talk to the leading suppliers. If you can, keep your branded products relevant to your market area: for IT companies, for example, branded USB products are a good choice, and always give your branded goods away in a branded bag or packet. This is a proven, affordable and effective method of improving brand awareness.

5: Understand the Importance of Email Marketing

There is a lot to be said for effective email marketing. Indeed, research has shown that with a successful email marketing campaign, you get an investment return of almost $40 for every single dollar. Keep your email campaign content-relevant, as that’s what readers are looking for.

6: Sponsored Social Media Content

There’s a cheap and effective method of enhancing your content and brand awareness, and that’s to use sponsored content campaigns through the likes of LinkedIn. You’ll be surprised how affordable, and effective, this can be.

Remember, your potential customers are looking not just for products or services; they will be swayed to spend with you if you engage and interest them via content marketing and social media engagement. Keep your content relevant, interesting and fresh, and your brand will continue to grow.

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