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How Much Does Ready Mix Concrete Cost?

How Much Does Ready Mix Concrete Cost?

At first, the price of laying down the foundation of a structure may seem inconsequential as compared to building the rest of the structure. However, if you get the price of ready mix concrete Essex wrong, you can end up in a fix. We often see people struggling to accept the cost of the concrete when they realize that it will cost a lot more than they think. This is why to avoid such unpleasant surprises; we have a detailed guide on ready-made concrete cost for you.

Ready Mix Concrete-All You Need to Know

Before you purchase the ready mix concrete Essex, you need to know that it is sold by volume. You need to know the area that will be filled with the concrete. The final price of the concrete will depend on several factors, most importantly what type you order and where you are located. In general, you can expect the cost of ready mix concrete to be varying between £65 and £85 per cubic metre. If your supplier is charging a higher price, you need to investigate on your own about the materials used and compare the prices from several suppliers.

Now before you rush to order the ready mix concrete, there are a few essentials you need to know and understand.

First of all, the concrete comes in many varieties. There are different forms of concretes varying in their density based on the requirement of a project. Furthermore, the colour and texture of concretes are also different, so you have to decide what kind of finish you want from the outset. The price that we have quoted above is only for basic ready mix concrete if you are ordering anything other than a basic concrete; be ready to pay more.

The density

The density of concrete is an important aspect that you need to keep into account if you are buying ready-made concrete. The requirement for the density of concrete is strict depending on the area you will be using it for. For instance, concrete that is meant for a driveway or garage that will have to withstand heavy vehicle needs to have a minimum 25% more concrete than the house foundation that only needs to support foot traffic.

Concrete Volume

As mentioned above, before you start contacting the suppliers you have to know the area that needs to be filled with concrete. Ready-made concrete Essex is sold by cubic meters, so it will be fairly easy for you to calculate the area of basic shape. But, more complex areas will require more calculations, lucky for you there are several online calculators that can help you with it.

While the calculation of the area is all good and fine, but you also need to take the potential wastage into account. Spreading and spillage will lead to wastage of ready mix concrete so it is advisable to order 5-10% more than the volume you need. It is better to have excess than to end up hanging with a half slab laid down and starting to set when you realize you are out of concrete.

Water Content

Usually, people think it is better to order wetter concrete as it is easy to spread. However, we recommend you opt for a drier mix because you can always add water to the concrete at the site but you cannot remove the excess water already added to the ready mix. Too much wet concrete compromises the integrity of the structure.

Additional Pricing Factors

Now you know what price to expect when you are ordering the ready mix concrete Essex but there are additional factors to account for. Delivery charges easily mount up the price of the concrete. So it is better to plan and talk to your supplier about the best delivery time.

To keep the prices within budget make a schedule as efficient as possible so that the delivery truck doesn’t have to wait for long. Also, determine the time you need to set the concrete depending on the time it will cure. In hotter weather conditions aim to complete the job within half an hour.

It is important that you do your homework for the best prices of ready-made concrete Essex. We have provided you with all the information you need to make an informed choice.

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