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How A Flexible Phone Service Can Help Your Business Survive Remote Working

These days, remote working isn’t just deemed a “nice-to-have” in a long list of employee benefits; it’s considered essential. Research conducted by the British Council of Offices indicates that 46% of UK office workers mix home and office working, says Business Reporter.

It’s not too surprising, then, that 27% of global executives have cited digital transformation as a matter of survival. A flexible phone service can be placed at the heart of that transformation.

It Can Weave Together All of the Tech You Need

The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) implies that you can’t work effectively from home without having an array of suitable tech at your disposal. That tech includes a strong online connection, any files, hardware or software you need and remote access to your firm’s network.

As the cloud can help you to connect all of this, a cloud-based phone system can prove fantastic for enhancing your communications. That system can integrate various channels – including voice, video, messaging and file-sharing – into a single access point.

It Can Help You to Preserve Your Workplace Presence

Of course, in this context, the “workplace” isn’t quite your home but instead the digital environment you share with your co-workers, whether they are still in the usual office or instead in their own homes.

When you have access to the same phone service these workers do, and a service based on unified communications (UC) at that, you can more easily contribute to team chats and group emails often. That’s because both digital and more traditional telephony tools can remain at your fingertips.

You Can Still Communicate Face-To-Face

Switching to remote working can undoubtedly necessitate a significant cultural shift – a subject to which this article will later return. When you are working from home, you could find yourself with far fewer opportunities to communicate with visual and audio cues – or see them in others.

Hence, you should make sure that video is a strong component of your phone service. Fortunately, it easily can be when you opt for a UC-based phone system.

Flexible Phone Service

You Can More Easily Request Support When You Need It

In a sense, asking other members of your team for help can be tricky when you are working remotely. For example, you might not always be able to see when the person you want to contact is, say, hunched over their desk or on the phone to someone else – and so unavailable to chat to you.

On the plus side, though, a flexible phone service could give you various means of dropping that person a line – for example, through messaging or email – for them to pick up later.

You Can Future-Proof Your Company’s Culture

Even before the pandemic struck, many businesses were already preparing to transfer their communications to the cloud. In a survey mentioned by UC Today, 44% of European companies reported their willingness to consider switching their contact centre to the cloud.

However, you might need to reprogram your company’s culture to ease your workforce’s transition to a cloud-based phone system.

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