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Accept Card Payments in Times of a Pandemic, Here’s How

With the pandemic sweeping across the globe, businesses in the UK have fought back by being innovative. Shops had to close during the lockdown, but with stores slowly opening up it is time to face a new reality. Safety will be a cornerstone for every small and medium-sized business. This holds true for both the employees as well as the customers. Of course, you do want to continue to operate and accept card payments. There are numerous options out there that allow you to receive payments in a safe way.

Accept Card Payments Through Payment Links

Did you know that it is not necessary to have a card reader to conduct card payments? Innovative payment methods allow your smartphone to become a payment terminal. The cashier can simply type the desired amount into the phone and generate a link or QR code. This link can be shared or the QR code can be scanned by the customer. The customer can then select the desired payment method and complete the transaction.

Contactless and Cost-Effective

This contactless method is increasingly popular among store owners. The transaction costs are relatively low compared to traditional payment methods. This also makes it attractive to use for smaller transaction fees previously undesirable to be paid by card (or required to ask the customer to pay the transaction fee).

Usage for Restaurants

Restaurants have been hit incredibly hard during the pandemic. They needed to switch their attention to takeaway and delivery. This was an untapped market for many restaurants, especially the high-end ones. How to proceed with your business? There are numerous platforms out there that can help, such as Uber Eats. The downside? They ask a very high commission per transaction. Restaurants often experienced people not paying for their food when arriving at the destination. For restaurants to make sure that they receive their payments, a payment link can be very helpful. The restaurant sends the link and receives the payment before cooking. Contactless and without wasting any food!

Card Payments Through a Device

Although a smartphone QR code is convenient, it does require some time and knowledge from the customer’s side. Would it be possible to accept card payments through a special device that can scan the card? Yes, of course it is possible! SumUp, one of the leading companies offering digital contactless payments, developed a special machine that allows to do this.

The Card Payment Machine

The contactless card machine developed by SumUp can be connected to the same smartphone and corresponding application. The merchant enters the amount and it is send to the device. The customer can then scan his/her card on top of the device (contactless) and the payment is conducted. This is the most convenient method and also results in the highest throughput. For the merchant it is also convenient to have all transaction data on the phone, knowing exactly what has been generated during a business day.

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