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Here’s What You Need To Know About Local Business Citations

It is every entrepreneur’s dream to succeed in their business venture. However, the road to success is never easy. Thankfully, there are lots of things that can contribute to your success. Aside from high-quality products and services, excellent customer service and competitive prices, taking advantage of the power of the internet is one of the best ways to achieve such a goal.

When it comes to businesses, the easiest way to get found online is through local business citations. But what is it all about? Why is it essential for businesses and how to do you improve your local business citation?

Local Business Citation As Any Mention Online


Some call local business citations as online directory listings or business listings. It refers to any mention of your business on the internet – be it on a website, local business directories, applications, or social networking sites. 

A local citation shows your business’s NAP – name, address, and phone number. Some will even mention your website URL, thus the acronym NAPW. Having such pertinent information written on the internet can have a significant impact on your digital marketing efforts.

What Are The Two Types Of Local Business Citations?

Local business citations have two types – structured and unstructured local business citations.

  • Structured Local Business Citation.

This is the most common way businesses appear online. Your NAPW (business name, address, phone number, and website URL) are listed on a consistent format. These are usually in this format since these are the kind of business listings submitted online.

  • Unstructured Local Business Citations

These are local citations spread across the internet. There is no specific format for such citations as you can see these on web pages such as blogs, forums, press releases, etc.  

Why Does Local Business Citations Matter?

Local Citations matter due to several reasons, such as the following.

It Helps Potential Clients Find You Online

In this era that we live in, we use the internet for just about anything – from getting answers to our questions solutions to our problems and even directions from one point to another. All you need is to type in your queries, and search engines will show you several results. Bey putting your business online, it allows your customers and potential clients find you, increasing your chances of selling what you have to offer.

It Can Affect Your Online Reputation 

Local Citations can affect how you build your online reputation. Accuracy is vital when it comes to local citations. When you have your business listed online, one needs to ensure that all details are correct and up-to-date. By verifying your company online and by registering your brand on prominent sites, it helps establish trust and improve your online reputation.

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It Helps Boost Your Google Ranking

The more accurate your local citations are and the more sites you have it listed, the more prominent it will appear online. Search engine giants such as Google make use of this on their ranking factor. Take it this way. You’re looking for the best dry cleaning services near you. Would you do business with a company that has a few business listings online or one that is listed in more sites online?

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Why Is It Essential To Update Your Local Business Citations?


  • Inconsistency – Consumer Distrust

Most consumers don’t only use the internet to check out businesses that offer the goods or services they need. They also use this to check if your company is legitimate and worth their time and investment. In short, consumers will find it hard to trust your brand more if your data online are inconsistent and inaccurate.

  • Inaccuracy – Lower Google Rank 

When your local business citations are inconsistent or inaccurate, search engines will find it hard to know just how reliable your business is, thus making it hard for them to decide where to place your site in search engine results page. 

How To Build Local Business Citation?

The following are three ways on how you can do citation building.

  1. Manual Submissions. As the name implies, you or someone else will manually dive into business listing sites to list your company. While this process takes longer, you get to minimize inaccuracy if you register your business online by yourself.
  2. Automated Submissions. With this type of citation building, you use a citation building system to submit citation submission forms automatically. This approach may be faster than manual submission, but this often leads to more citation errors than manual submissions.
  3. Data Aggregator Submissions. Data Aggregators are businesses that automatically build your local business citations online. They make use of an automated process to spread your business data on the internet and is one of the most accurate ways of citation building. 

Improving Your Business Listings Through Local Citation Services 

Local citation services help you achieve accurate, consistent, and up-to-date business listings across the internet. Digital Marketing agencies who offer citation cleanup will check on your business listings via citations checker and local citation audit. A citation audit will check local business citation inconsistencies, correct and update your business info and you’ll receive a citation report afterward.

By availing such service, you get to save precious time when it comes to citation building, cleaning up, and auditing. It’s recommended that a SerpSpace Clean Up will be done to each campaign to ensure local citations are always up-to-date.  A team of professionals will do the hard work for you and will even correct duplicate listings to avoid confusion. 


Local Business Citations are an integral part of your Search Engine Optimization. By making sure that your business data across the web are up-to-date, accurate and consistent, you’re increasing your chances of getting a higher Google rank, gain the trust of your target audiences and increase revenue. You have the option to build, correct, or cleanup citations by yourself or by outsourcing local citation services.  

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