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Cut Down Your Worries With UK Dedicated Servers

UK Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers Hosting is when a business gets to use a single server and do not have to share the space with anyone else. It makes you have more control and allows you to tailor the server as per your needs and according to the needs of your domain. Dedicated Servers turn out to be on the expensive side, yet you get to enjoy some amazing features and options that are truly worth paying for. If your business website is visited by a lot of people within a relatively short period of time, UK dedicated servers are certainly the right choice for you.

How Does It Work?

Do you know the fact that personal computers were huge before a small rendition of the same came into the market? UK dedicated servers are big in size and have a physical existence, too. Just like any other PC, dedicated servers also have microprocessors, RAM, hard drives, etc. When a system is designed to manage a large chunk of data, you can call it a server. However, you can continue to use one such system that is working exclusively for your site.

Dedicated Servers are classified into two main parts that are described underneath:

  • Unmanaged – These are the ones that control the server. Hence, you are responsible for the maintenance of the server.
  • Managed – On the contrary, you can hire a dedicated hosting service such as HostOx that will not only maintain the server but will also ensure that it keeps running flawlessly. This process is known as Managed Server. The only aspect you need to be responsible here is to send the details to the server hosting service. Generally, the managed dedicated servers offer features such as 24×7 support, operating system updates, 24×7 monitoring, filtering spams, scanning for viruses, and updating the DLL files and kernels, etc.

Why Choose HostOx?

Considering the performance aspect, UK dedicated servers are capable of handling a huge amount of information at any point of time. Therefore, you can rely on these servers for their performance as they will not show any glitches while your site witnesses’ heavy traffic.

The vital benefit of choosing HostOx dedicated servers is that the service has recently released its new custom SSD UK Dedicated Server plans and following cPanel control panel recent price increase, which allows businesses to get more traffic to their portals. Furthermore, HostOx has also partnered with DirectAdmin to offer DirectAdmin VPS packages.

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