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Follow These Tips To Train Your Dog To Walk Without A Leash

Pet parents often desire to offer some freedom to their paw babies to explore the world unleashed. While it is not possible during car rides, or walking them in a public park, you can try out this option while hiking the trails. However, it is crucial to follow the safety protocols and train the pets adequately before unleashing the collar. Consider the following by dog training tips in Liverpool, when you decide to walk them without a leash.

Selection Of An Ideal Place To Start The Training

The first step for dog training in Liverpool is the selection of a perfect location where you can unleash the collar and play with the pet. It is better to find a fenced yard or any guarded area to avoid distractions. Start walking with the dog with a long leash, so that he gets a chance of walking a few feet ahead of you. Keep a few milk bones handy to reward him as soon as he comes back to you on calling out the name. The dog trainer in Liverpool recommends keeping a polite and playful voice rather than a training tone during the unleashing practice.

Build Trust With Your Pet

Both the pet parent and the pawed baby need to develop mutual trust during the unleashing experience. The dog trainer in Liverpool advises keeping a few tips handy before undergoing the transition. Refrain from overusing the recalling practice, do not call out to scold, and never trick your pet baby as it can lead to a negative association and mistrust between both of you. If you wish to correct any behaviour, then go out to him and explain your observation politely.

Identify And Address Distractions

Every pet baby gets distracted and annoyed by some common agents. It is essential to identify and address them calmly. Usually, rabbits, squirrels, other dogs, unknown people, and cars act as distractors. The best method of determining the potent disturbing agent is to observe your pet during walks. If you notice him pulling the leash or getting alert at the sight of these agents, term them as distractors. Train the dog to ignore them and walk side-by-side without fear.

Finally, when the time comes to off-leash your pet baby, begin the practice in a quiet and friendly environment. Within a few days, he will master the skill, and you can bid goodbye to the harness forever.

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