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End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips

It can be both thrilling and daunting to move into a new home. Read through this handy end of lease guide to help you concentrate on the adventures of your new property and relieve the stress of moving.

First, go through your lease agreement thoroughly to understand all terms and clauses in their entirety. It will specify how the house should be left after you leave. If you caused or suffered some harm during your lease, make sure it is repaired or replaced before you leave. If you don’t, the landlord has the right to arrange for the problem to be resolved and give you a bill. In most situations, the lender would suggest deducting this amount from your security deposit.  You have the choice of hiring an end of tenancy cleaning firm or doing it yourself. It’s always cheaper to do it yourself, and additionally you will also have the assurance that all of the rooms have been cleaned to the desired level.

Job should be done in accordance with the cleaning inspection checklist and check-in log. However, in order to pass your final examination, you can focus on the following major rooms:

The Kitchen

  • Remove all from the cupboards and cabinets, using a wet rag to wipe away any crumbs or stains. After this you can take out all the appliances stored in these spots and clean all the hard to reach spots you may have never cleaned before.
  • You should clean you appliances like the dishwasher properly to get rid of any built-up grime or grease.
  • Clean the refrigerator both inside and out, removing all freezer trays, hooks, and cabinet shelves and soaking them in soapy water. Then dry them and put them back in the fridge. To avoid mould, turn off the appliance at the wall and keep the doors open as you leave.
  • We’ve all been accused of allowing our ovens to get filthy. To reclaim your deposit, you must thoroughly scrub your oven, which can contain huge deposits of grime, household dust, grease, or burnt food deposits. During the inspection process, the oven is normally the first one that is looked at.

The Bathroom

  • Wipe off everything in your bathroom, including (but not limited to) the sink, bath, toilet, tiles, and mirrors, to clear any stains.
  • Next, make sure the plug holes and drains are open and that water will run freely. In case the drains are still clogged you can even use a drain cleaner to clean them up and aid the flow of water properly.
  • Then look for mould and lime scale on metallic surfaces like sinks, shower heads, and drain grates. There are several items available to assist you in dealing with them. It does not take much effort. Just rinse the dirty area with some solvent and let it soak for some time. After this wash it with some water and it will be clean. If the lime scale still doesn’t get washed out you can use a solution of white vinegar and lemon to clean the white chalk like residue from your sink or tiles.

The Living Room

  • The carpets and dusting are the two most important tasks in the living room. Vacuum the carpets thoroughly. If any stains linger, you might want to consider hiring a specialist or renting an industrial vacuum cleaner to deal with the issue.
  • After that, clean and dust the shelves, cabinets, dining table, cupboards, and TV stands.

Meeting these cleaning requirements would greatly improve the chances of receiving your security deposit back. Contact Quick Cleaning Services in London for professional cleaning services.

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