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Deciding Where to Throw a Company Party

You have decided to throw a killer party for your husbands 30th birthday in New York. The real work has now started as you are ready to start trying to narrow down the details. You need to pick a venue as well as a catering company, you need to make invitations and decide who you are going to invite. It can be a lot to figure out but we are going to help you decide where to throw a party in New York.

Who is Catering?

Once you have determined who is going to cater the event, you have already achieved half the battle. Did you know that most catering companies also have venues that they are associated with? This New York Catering company has a great list of venues that they often work with when they are catering events. It is a great idea to use some of the venues on the list to choose from.

Being able to have one contact for both food and the venue is going to make your job easier and it can also help you keep the party a secret because you do not have as much work to do on your chianti wine

Choosing the Venue

There are a couple of main categories that you can use to help you decide which venue is the best for your party. You need to consider the style of party you are going to throw as well as how many people you are going to invite to the event. The style of the party is going to help you cut out a lot of different options when it comes to the event center itself. Also, 20 vs 50 people is a big difference.

You want to be sure to pick an event center that is big enough for everyone to fit in happily without having to be crowded into a small room. If you have chosen a fancy dinner party and schedule, you are going to want to pick a venue that can keep the mood alive and really create a great environment for your party to be hosted in.

Throwing parties for the people that you love and care about does not have to be overwhelming. In fact, it can be really fun and exciting for you to be apart of. If you can find a great company to help you handle a lot of the details there is a lot less that you have to be concerned about. You are going to pull off a great party that your family and friends are sure to appreciate and talk about for many years to come. Don’t become overwhelmed, and let other people help you through the process and you will be successful.

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