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Are You Looking For Ways To Invest In Startups? Or Do You Want To Raise Money For Your Startups?

The traditional ways to invest and raise money for the startups have been replaced by the new and non-traditional funding & money-raising options. With these new, non-conventional options the entrepreneurs now have more than one way to invest or raise money in/for the startups. One of the best ways to raise or invest your funds is through BLOOMIO, which evades the traditional fundraising ways for venture capital and invites those investors who can not only ignite the innovation but also keep the lights on. With Bloomio the entrepreneurs can easily raise funds for their company/venture by just in few clicks.

Start-up Investments & Alternative Investment Options

If you are looking for startups investment plans then Bloomio is your best option. Why? Because Bloomio not only allows the investors/entrepreneurs to buy shares of an early stage startup but also offers set of alternative investment options to maximize investments of the potential investors. Here the investors get help from the fund managers to select funds according to their risk behavior. it also makes it easier for European investors to invest/trade ‘Swiss Startups’. Bloomio offers a set of startup fundraising campaigns such as ‘Seed, Series A, Series B & C’ for different stages of the business/venture. The ‘Seed’ campaign is designed for the early stage of the business where there are no or little customers so that the business can raise funds to establish its operations.

Trading of startup shares and money transfer has become easy with Bloomio, as it allows the investors to track company’s performance, share trading and profits. It also aids investors to assess the potential investment opportunities through its unbiased Scoring system which delegates the assessment responsibility to the 3rd party.

Easy and Cheap Investment Opportunity

A unique feature of Bloomio which distinguishes it is that it allows investors to start investing in potential startups even with $50. It renders the need to be a millionaire or billionaire. Bloomio charges either 0.5% of equity or 5% of total funds raised. Which means no fee will be charged if the startup has not raised any fund or capital.

Secure and Simple Crowdfunding for Equity

Equity crowdfunding at Bloomio is brutally simple, easy and secure. Bloomio takes the equity crowdfunding to a whole new level. How crowdfunding of equity works at Bloomio is listed below.

  • Smart Contracts – all the paperwork of ownership & trading has been simplified by smart contracts.
  • Capital Raising – it is easy for the startups to raise their capitals by tokenizing equity.
  • Startup Trading – the share trading is powered and secured by ‘Blockchain’ based marketplace.


The final word on Bloomio to conclude this discussion is that it offers great and simple investment opportunities as well as helps the investors to make financial decisions and startup growing decisions o the basis of facts and figures, with the help of assessment panel and fund managers.

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