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Ctv Advertising Vs. Traditional Tv Advertising

We will be talking about  CTV Advertising vs. Traditional TV advertising. In traditional advertising, the ads were displayed on the screen at certain intervals determined by the TV station programs. All viewers were made to view the ads, whether they liked it or not. Unlike connected advertising, the views have the freedom to choose their content, and the ads are shared after intelligent analysis of the views by the streaming services. For instance, people who love viewing kid’s related content on streaming sites such as YouTube will get ads relevant to kids’ programs. Some people wonder, What is connected tv advertising? It relies on internet connectivity. It is unlike traditional TVs that rely on satellites or subscription services. The content viewed on connected TV can be analyzed because different metrics are readily available. Here are some of the factors to check out before deciding to go for CTV Advertising vs. Traditional TV advertising:

Video Completion Rate

You can easily track people who viewed your brand ad to the end when you advertise on the connected TV. Unlike traditional TV, users can decide to move to another station when an ad from a given brand is displayed. When brands know how people react to their ads, they can customize them to reach more audiences. It is a feature that is lacking in traditional TV advertising. You can change the ad to appeal to more people after studying the completion rate.

Clicks Tracking

In a connected TV advertising, you can know the number of clicks generated from the ad. The smart TV allows people who view your site to click on the video ad and follow it to your site. The move makes it easy to know whether your ad is reaching the right audience or not. You can as well check on the ad delivery device and the performance time each day. The metrics you will get on connected TV are beneficial in making you enjoy the best results.

Performance By Specific Days

There are certain days of the week when many people may be interested in your services and products. For instance, you may like to know whether your services are required more during the weekend or weekdays. It is easy to determine the best time to market your products and services if you can advertise on the connected TV. Many brands would like to measure the return on investment when they put a budget on marketing. It is easy to account for each dollar when using connected TV services.

Ad Viewer Demographics

You would like to know the demographic of people who viewed your ad to the end. The connected TV services are powered by apps that can track the demographic of people who access the content. It is easy to target content to specific demographics. If you are selling products that target a given age group, it will be easy to get the right content to the right demographic if you can rely on connected TV advertising. Unlike traditional TV, you will have to share content to all people irrespective of their age group.

Ad Frequency

It is possible to determine the ad frequency when using connected TV. The streaming apps have an inbuilt tracking mechanism to know the number of times the ad has been shared. You can as well set your budget and the frequency of the ad. The feature is not available on traditional TV. The TV can air your ad a few times and still charge you high. People who are eager to know the cost per point can quickly get the metrics after deciding to go for the connected TV services.

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