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The Font Used By You And Your Business Could Reveal More Than You Might First Think

Your brand is what customers think of your organisation when they see or hear its name.

Brand values can cover how you operate, your product range, the markets you trade in or your corporate culture.

Over time, you may want to change these brand vales and that’s where rebranding can help.

The reason for rebranding will fundamentally affect how you go about it as there are many factors to consider if you are thinking of changing the face your organisation.

It involves much more than changing just the colour scheme or logo, for example, there’s the font and typography you choose to write your message you will convey as part of a wider strategy and marketing communications.

According to new research by leading promotional products supplier the font used by you and your business says more than you might realise.

Researchers took an in depth look into the typefaces we use on a daily basis. Findings reveal that 70% of those surveyed insist HOW we write is as revealing as WHAT we write.

According to the data, those marketers that use Arial are the most likely to be serious and professional.

When Times New Roman is used it’s most likely to be ‘traditional’ while those who opt for Century Gothic are more inclined to be academic and bookish.

Pacifico users are adventurous and extroverted while individuals that opt for Rockwell are perceived as ambitious.

When it comes to business logos, the new study further emphasizes why fonts matter, as almost half of those surveyed said that wouldn’t buy a product or service from an organisation that used italics in its marketing or logos.

Four in ten of those surveyed (40%) added that ‘less is more effective’ when it comes to typeface styles.

In an innovative and fast moving sector, firms that stand still can risk getting left behind. Marketers that want to broaden their company’s appeal, reinform a key message, adopt a new business strategy or even restore customer trust could therefore find that rebranding is a best option.

Refreshing your corporate identity to accurately reflect your brand is no easy task. Making the decision to change a company’s image is a big one. Businesses have to make sure the move will not alienate customers, but on the other hand it is good to freshen up a brand once in a while.

Branding can help your business grow, retain customers and motivate your employees, but if you don’t have clear brand identity and brand guidelines, marketing your business could result in many actions and decisions that are unrelated to one another.

Marketers might often expect to see results from a new campaign straight away, but the impact of a company rebranding can take a little long to be felt. Promotional products can be ideal for this as there a number of gifts available to businesses that will carry the up-to-date brand.

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