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Car Hire Tips For Visiting The Uk

To travel to the United Kingdom is a good idea to consider a good car hire, so that moving does not become an inconvenience, to any city where you have to go to have a hire car saves you precious time that you can devote to the enjoyment, and will facilitate you to know many places of interest.

It is prudent to know that although in the United Kingdom the minimum age required to drive a car is 17 years, at least 22 years is required for car hire, most car rental companies require at least 25 years.

What You Must Have For Car Hire With Rental24.Co.Uk?

  • You must have a driving license, the European is valid throughout England, if you have this license with a photo you save a disadvantage, otherwise you must carry a photo ID, can be DNI, ID card, passport or any other document that identifies you.
  • If your license is less than a year old, you cannot hire a car, another aspect to which you should pay attention is the state of your card, if it is deteriorated it will not be accepted.
  • If you are living in the United Kingdom you can be required to provide a document to prove that the address you provide is real, it can be a rental contract, a bill for electricity, water, telephone or internet, you can also serve a bank.
  • If you are visiting the United Kingdom to hire a car hire with, you will be required to provide a flight ticket for the date you will be leaving the country.
  • You must present your driving licence so that they can check the state in the penalty points through the Internet.

Where To Hire A Car?

There are many companies in the UK to hire cars for rent, depending on the places you are going to visit should be the choice of the company.

International companies offer great alternatives, their car fleets are renewed frequently, which represents an advantage knowing that you will drive a car that does not have much time of use, guaranteeing that the risk of suffering mechanical damages will be reduced.

These companies always present offers with very attractive promotions, giving priority to advance reservations, so good advice is to make the reservation before traveling.

In the local car rental companies, you can find the advantage of cheaper prices, but you will have the disadvantage that in these companies the fleets are not renewed as often as the international companies do, and the reservation by internet is more complicated.

Reception And Delivery Of The Car

In all the airports of the United Kingdom you can find car hire companies, when you contract the service by Internet or if you make the reservation by phone, you must ask for detailed information of the place where you will receive the vehicle, as well as of the model and characteristics of the car that has been rented to you.

Once you receive it, it is advisable that you make an exhaustive revision of it, in its interior and its exterior, so that you make the observation before retiring it if it has scratches, or in its interior you find something that deserves to inform, this with the purpose of when you return it you do not have problems by claims of the company of damages in the car that you did not cause.

Check the state of the fuel tank, the normal thing is that they give it to you with a full tank, in the same way you should deliver it, if the tank is not full at the time of delivery, they will make an additional charge, it can be more expensive than if you fill it.

At the train stations you can also find offices of car rental companies, and in large shopping centres in all cities of the country you can find offices of these companies.

It is advisable that you establish the conditions of reception and delivery of the car with the company at the time of reservation, so you save time and avoid later formalities.

Approximate Prices For Car Rental In The United Kingdom

Below is a rough estimate of prices in this country:

  • Small cars £16 per day
  • Medium size cars £23 per day
  • Large cars £31 per day

Other Tips For Hire Cars In The Uk

  • If you are driving around the UK with a car for hire, we recommend you to read some driving guides and ask for a GPS navigation device, you will pay a little more, but the help it will give you will be worth it.
  • To acquire additional to the rent of the car a daily insurance against risks, serves you to prevent any contingency, for day the cost of an insurance to all risk is for the approximate order of between £27 and 40.
  • If you take children on your trip, opt for a special infant seat in the car, the price for this additional item is not so high.
  • Make a check at your arrival and departure times, there are car rental companies that only serve in normal working hours, if you arrive or leave outside working hours will complicate the reception or delivery of the car, if you go from the exit in non-working hours, try to get to the site before closing so you drown another day of rent.
  • If you are going to drive in the City of London be careful, the rates of traffic fines can reach £150, to park on the street cannot exceed 4 hours continuously, this will create a fine, and additionally the company that owns the car will charge you for administrative procedures.
  • In London there are automatic tolls, if you do not realize to cancel them, the hire a car company can charge you up to £50 for the management of this action.

Finally, it is worth reaffirming that the most effective way to guarantee a trip to the United Kingdom, pleasant, comfortable and without the uncertainty of how to move from one place to another, is car hire with, will relieve you of many concerns for a few more pounds.

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