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Keeping your business safe in today’s world is becoming much more complex, as criminals are constantly developing tactics in order to breach company security and steal stock, money or sensitive information. No one is exempt; this includes both large and small companies.

This article will help you to combat vandalism, company theft, data protection and to improve the general security of employees. Let’s have a look at the threats first:


Companies have always faced a range of threats which can both jeopardise employees welfare and the companies financial security, a security breach could lead to any potential number of consequences from a small financial loss due to stolen stock to employees being harmed or seriously injured in a in a robbery.

External threats

Robbers/ Vandals – Many companies are vulnerable to robbers, especially of the armed variety. Don’t make the mistake to think just because your company doesn’t store cash or valuable stock this won’t happen to you. In 2018 two robbers recently broke into an office in Greenwich and choked a man until he became unconscious in order to rob his Rolex watch.

Competitors – This is especially relevant for larger organisations as their competitors have much more to gain from discovering an internal strategy, employee contact details, or a new product in process.

Internal threats

Employees – Companies that hold a large amount of valuable stock or cash can be targets for opportunist employees looking to take a chance and line their own pockets.

As we have identified the main potential threats now it’s time to inform you of possible solutions and the impact they could have.

Sign in Sheet and Badge – Let’s start with a simple sign in/out sheet and badges. A sign in/out sheet at the front of your office will allow you to keep track of all your employees entering and leaving your business premises in addition to any other random visitors. Additionally a company badge acts to separate staff from customers and visitors. It might also make your employees look more professional and install a sense of disciplined integrity.

Access Control – using access control is one of the most effective and modern ways to enhance business security. Access Control systems are usually based on either small fobs or cards which have to be scanned in order to enter a building or room. This allows you to control the movement of employees by restricting each individual’s movements to certain sectors of the building, ensuring any restricted areas which may contain sensitive information, valuables, dangerous items or stock can be kept secure and access is granted only to authorised personnel. Another benefit of using such a system is that you no longer need keys which eliminates the risk of losing a set. Lost keys falling into wrong hands can pose a serious security risk. If you do manage to lose a fob or card you can just delete the details from the system and replace it.

CCTV – Closed Circuit Television has been around for quite a while now but only in the last 10 years the quality has improved so drastically it has become a must have security appliance. The idea of CCTV is to act as a deterrent to any crimes as any criminal action will be recorded along with an image of the felon allowing the police to later catch the suspect.

However in order for this to work effectively you must position these cameras strategically such as at the building’s entrance, car park, storerooms reception etc. Cameras can also provide an instant alert when a robbery or any other unwanted action is taking place while recording every little detail which provides you with hard evidence.

Alarm Systems – Alarms can play a pivotal role in controlling external threats. Thus we feel it is important for businesses with a premise to have a fully functional burglar alarm system. This will help enable you to keep your business secure 24/7, you can have alarms which cover a single room or the whole building. Some alarms can connect straight to your smartphone allowing you to monitor their status from almost anywhere and anytime.

Carry out Regular Property Inspections – By carrying out regular inspections in and around your property you will notice any weak points or vulnerable areas which will allow you to come up with a plan to make these areas secure and safe.

Invest in External lighting – Now depending on your business premises you may require some kind of external lighting. The idea is to illuminate potential hiding places which then allows any of your CCTV cameras to see potential intruders. Apart from the added security, lighting can also add aesthetic value to your property. There is a number of different lighting systems on the marke,  most notable motion sensors which will only turn on when someone approaches or light sensors which will turn on when natural light drops below a specific level and will stay on until the sun rises.

Keypad locks – Keyless locks or keypad locks are an excellent way to help ensure the security of your business. These electronic locks prevent criminals from picking the lock as the usual means of overcoming locks are rendered completely useless with keyless locks.

The primary benefit of using such a lock is that they are 100% pick proof. And as you have no keys you no longer need to worry about losing them and then worrying who’s hands they have potentially fallen into. This is one of the reasons why many companies use them to protect their assets, employees and secrets.

The main downside of using a keyless lock is the code can be easily given or stolen by others. For example employees may hand the code over to unauthorised persons giving them easy access to secure areas which may contain valuable assets or sensitive documents. The only real way around this issue is having a dual system one key operated lock and one keypad lock. This will give you the benefits of both types of locks while also eliminating some of the disadvantages. However you must ensure the lock is high security and with a restricted key system, meaning only authorised personnel can cut the keys.

Have a Plan – This one may not be for you but by making sure you have a plan in place for an emergency such as a theft, fire, flood etc this will pay off and is sometimes a requirement by insurance companies. Fire Drills and what should be done in the event of a robbery should be practiced even if this does sound rather cheesy. This one is not so much about protecting your business but rather about protecting your employees.

Business security is vital for a successful business to flourish. This article was written by Callan Wells-Raynes at  ITCC Locksmiths London For more security related posts please take a look at our blog section. .

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