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Always Get Correct Information About Covid- 19

Misinformation is prevalent on the Internet. If there is one thing that every web user knows it is the fact that you have to be careful to work out what is true and what is not on the Internet. Anyone can write and say whatever they want. They can claim to be whoever they want to be and can affect affecting public opinion.  We have all seen the ‘fake news’. Unfortunately, right now with the coronavirus pandemic spreading across the world we can see misinformation often making things worse.

Do Not Ignore The Rules

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People around the world are ignoring social distancing rules and continue to get too close or even touch each other. They are not wearing their masks, they are not using gloves and they insist on going to public places and meeting, with the result that they spread of the virus.

Covid-19 does not discriminate between people. It doesn’t matter if you’re old, young rich, poor or from a lower or a higher class, for this virus, you are the same. If you are going to get infected, there is the possibility that you might die and, by not following certain rules and not making sure to get the correct information you might make the situation even more severe.

Proviser is a website that has used information from the Office for National Statistics the official UK government statistics department and they have produce a tool that will allow you to see a rough idea of how likely you are to die if you get infected by coronavirus.

Have Your Facts Right

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If you check out the Covid-19 risk calculator created by the Proviser analysts you will be able to see the great differences in risk of death following infection dependent on  your age or gender.  You could find that your chances are as high as one in 12 or as low as 50,000 or even 100,000 of dying after you’ve caught covid-19.   You will also see that up to 90% of people who have dies have done so having other pre-existing conditions such as heart disease or diabetes.

They have listed all their sources with links to them and have detailed how they have calculated their results.  So you can see for yourself whether the information looks true.

So, remember that getting your information from legitimate sources needs to be a number one priority. Do not just start reading random articles online. Focus on official website or if they are other websites then take care to check if the sources seem legitimate and the conclusions make sense.

That way you will learn the right information and be able to make informed choices.

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